A Sunny Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon 3-29-2013


Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:
haiku: Almost unnoticed
amidst the tangled branches;
a still ‘Old Glory’.
What we wouldn’t give
to know what lies ahead; To
see the big picture.
A rainy eve’ning
riding up First Avenue;
the U.N. floats by.
Suddenly, footsteps!
A shadow in the doorway!
Then … a match is struck!
In the hushed darkness,
flickering, grey images, 
danced upon the screen.
In my fitful sleep,
memories long forgotten,
rise to consciousness.
at the girl’s front door,
boyfriends stammer, hesitate,
 … and hope for a kiss.
That tangerine sky, 
clouds haunting the horizon,
lures me into night.
Flying through the air,
should be avoided by both,
dentures and toupees.
 Since she was not home,
A note’s pushed under her door;
‘Sorry ’bout your tree.’
At last, he was home.
He hurled an embrace, which swept
his wife off her feet.
 Hi Lily? Hi-Lo.
But Blue Bonnets will only
play Texas Hold ’em.
When you walk through a
storm, hold your head up high … The
rain will look like tears.
14th Street-ku:
The church stood next to
a McDonalds, so paupers
begged for happy meals.
Each dusk he watched the
darkening sky’s shifting shades;
blue-ish indigo.
Youth is insistent,
while old age negotiates;
both may get their way.
tanka haiku: She wore pink spandex
on her summer vacation,
which caused a riot.
Though she was not arrested,
she did a stretch in prison.
of Life’s complexities makes
easy answers hard.
double haiku:
A herd of joggers
waiting for the light to change
bouncing up and down
When the light changes,
a pony-tailed tsunami
sweeps across the street.
 Too few epistles
twixt clover and thistle, but
many a whistle.
That familiar sound;
workers outside my window,
banging metal pipes.
 Enjoying the shade,
of a leafy maple tree;
ladybugs and me.
When his heart’s desire
bitch-slapped his raison d’être,
he felt quite confused.
By a waterfall,
The lovers had a picnic,
ev’rything got wet.
Can haikus be writ,
without, to wit, a single
snit? … I guess they can.


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