Frivolous Friday Afternoons at the Haikulodeon


Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:
Near the temple of
Dionysus, peonies
plead for one more chance.
Does your past exist
in black, white and shades of grey?
I didn’t think so … 
Lord hear my prayer;
Let Pete Seeger sing his songs
All the live long day.
(Happy 94th birthday to a national treasure, Pete Seeger)
On the First of May,
(Hurray, Hurray!) I think that
Spring is here to stay …
Response from my friend, Jennifer:
On the First of May,
In a Colorado way…
we have a snow day!
My response:
A Spring-time snow can
be a blessing, enabling
floral expressing …
Jennifer’s response:
I paint with colors
planted in the form of seeds
floral expression!
My response:
Thank God for good chairs,
Arthritic artists can’t do
floor-al expressions.
To say it’s snowing
in Minnesota is like …
“It’s wet” in Venice.
tanka haiku:
When you’re sailing and
you strike a reef, don’t crack open
an aperitif.

   That will only cause you grief;
   you’ll be shaking like a leaf.

Spider on the wall,
brings my house good fortune and
happiness for all.
 In Autumn’s dotage,
death’s a gentler tiger,
greeted with a smile.
Spring has just arrived,
Earth’s re-born, and we rejoice.
Turn, turn, turned once more.
 The coming of Spring …
HAI-ku! haiii-KOOO! (sniff) … (sniff) … … (sniff)
Damned allegories!
Poems and babies
can make fools out of us all …
“Ooooo, haiku-cheee-kooooo!”
Intertwined with an
interactive internet …
sought by Interpol
Before the beguine’s
begun to beguile, betray
that beignet, Benny.
Could be good, could be bad-ku:
Manhattan’s skyline;
a powerful reminder
of ‘what’s possible.’

tanka haiku:


Our thoughts have blended,
into philosophical
smoothies. We’re zombies.

   How do brand new thoughts emerge
   when old thoughts refuse to die?

The stack of papers,
suddenly flew ’round the room!
Please!!  Close the window!!
Brisk rainy mornings,
ameliorate gloom and
cleanse nature’s palate.
Broken hearts are healed,
by the caring of true friends.
Warmth triggers mending.
Thinking about you,
Hoping you found happiness,
Sad we had to part.
The problem, it seems
is my old mirror. It needs
newer reflections.
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