Here We Are Again; Another Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon


Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:
tanka haiku:
Swing your feet in a
placid pond. The ripples prove
your life has meaning.

Ev’rything we do affects
ev’rything else in the world.

Lush red strawberries
displayed at a roadside stand;
cars brake for shortcake.
We sometimes redeem
mistakes from our past, but more
likely relive them.
Pasty-faced school-girl
in her Summer ‘Goth’ costume,
tickling her friend.
We may never know
what winds blow thoughts through our minds,
swirling up our past.
etched into each step he takes
says, “I’m not done yet.”
With guitar in hand,
he stood at the crossroads and 
made that devil’s deal.  
(Happy would-have-been 102nd birthday to blues legend, Robert Johnson.)
tanka hai-clue-less:

Ev’ry so often
he got a prank call that he
did not understand.

Why would teenage boys care if
Prince Albert was in the can?

I sit on a bench
in the middle of Times Square.
Alone, without you.
Yesterday retreats
to the caves of memory.
Sunshine cleanses souls.
The rain had ended.
Central Park looked lush and green
and eager with Life.
8 year old’s magic:
‘Throw a pumpkin in the air,
it will come down squash.’
Tanka haiku:
Please note: He neither
keeps away from bootleg hootch
when he’s on a spree,

Nor buttons his overcoat.
That’s why she’s divorcing him.

Sometimes what we think
are flaws are, in fact, strengths when
in the right context.
Crushing a spirit
through humiliation is
what breeds most evil.
tanka haiku: He sits at breakfast
quietly sobering up
sipping his coffee.

His legs bruised, his hair matted,
he somehow lost his trousers.

On World A.S. Day,
Spondys ’round the world unite;
Fusing Together.
(World A.S. Day was Saturday May 4th, 2013)
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