A Recuperative Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon

(Sorry for missing the last two weeks.  I was in the hospital for kidney stones. )
Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:
(A thin batch this week, I’m afraid, due to my hospitalization.  I’ve added a few oldies to fill it out a bit.)
Mahogany panels
in the ICU, turn Oak
in Recovery.
Watching the day fade,
sensing a cooler breeze, I
zip up my jacket.
Purgatory; a
place for the not good enough
and the not so bad.
 In hospitals, I’ve
noticed, the better you feel, 
the more you’re ignored.
The lines in her face,
though evident, were softened 
by a joyful smile.
tanka haiku:
There’s no growth from pain.
Growth comes from a willingness
to endure the pain.
Pain’s the cost of each lesson.
otherwise, it’s just suffering.
Can haikus be writ,
without, to wit, a single 
snit? Know in a bit.
When our jobs are done
and our lessons all are learned,
we’re meant to move on.
The toll of lives lost,
will always make us sad, as
we but guess their fate.
Mind all aflutter,
She left her glasses at home
and her keys at work.
They spent All Souls Day,
still stuck in Purgatory.
Heaven help them … please.
tanka haiku:
The 96th Street
ramp to the West Side Highway;
is an urban joy.
   A tree-lined curved underpass
   with a view of the Hudson.
As I fall asleep,
whispers of memories drift
through my consciousness …
In Grandma’s parlour,
ev’rything’s neat and quiet,
even sleeping cats.
Do not play with ’whilst’,
it’s archaic and obscure,
Whilst-le while you work.
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