A Delightfully Rainy Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon

Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:
They were delicate
negotiations, therefore
doilies were exchanged.
Swimming with the tide
may take you into oceans
of profound regret.
March to diff’rent drums,
waltz to other violins,
but by all means, move …
 Ultimately, what
reveals your soul, is whether
or not you can laugh.
Do not focus on
the silliness of youth, but
how you overcame it.
A wilted flower’s
not a metaphor for your
Life, it’s a warning.
When you remove yourself from
what nurtures you, life’s over.

Bonus companion poem: 
When you wilt upon a table,
you won’t blossom, you’re not able.
Try to flower and you’ll find
your roots have all been left behind.
 Geisha on a bridge,
watches the swans, then hurries
off to serve the tea.
 His toy soldiers were
lying in the lawn; battle
called due to bedtime.
 tanka haiku:

Ahh, perchance to dream,
and in such dreams do young men
wrestle with their world.

For fortune’s a tricky thing;
destiny a mystery.
 Near a coral reef,
they snorkled with some friends
they met at the spa.
 Purgatory? The
hell of it is, you can’t get
heavenly coffee.
Pandora’s box … The
world’s ills once resided there …
now, what’s left is hope.
Take off your pants, then
eat a tomato sandwich …
happiness ensues.
(Inspired by my  friend from Portland OR, and fellow Spondy, Felicia Campbell.)
My wishes for you:
Your quest never ends, and your
heart ever widens.

On rainy mornings,
I sip coffee and I read …
the dog nuzzles me. 
Aggravating man.
Infuriating woman.
Nice couple though.
She was of good faith
and did all of the right things,
still, she felt empty.
In their lonely rooms,
writers peck their keyboards, ’til 
inspiration strikes!
Somewhere in the deep
recesses of my brain sleep
forgotten haikus.
Siamese twins are
conjoined. Why are Siamese
kittens just confused?
We reap what we sow,
sew what we rip, and never
Mark Twain shall we meet.
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