An Exhausted Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon 6-14-2013


Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:

Sunday’s Father’s Day.
I wish I could celebrate,
instead of just mourn.
(Picture: My dad, me and my sister circa 1954.  My dad died of cancer in 1971.)
or so it seems-ku:
An elevator
that stops on ev’ry floor will
never let you down.
 a cold rain will fall,
thoughts of you will be frozen
in time … I’ll move on.
Lifting off from earth,
our souls climb through the clouds to
play in the cosmos.
The moist earth gives way
to an insistent daisy,
and soon, fields of them.
A wise old man sat
amidst the rubble and smiled
at all he had learned.
She remembers how
he used to make her laugh, but
now can’t recall why …
 One day, he just left.
No-one knew where he went, so …
they assumed Cleveland.
Respondku (from David) :

“Why Cleveland?” you ask.
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
beckoned him once more.
Respondku-2 (from Jim) :

Born to be wild.
Chasing the ‘wolf, fame eludes
his muse, Steppenwolf
Respond-ku3 (from me) :
Maligning Cleveland
means no disrespect; towns with
“K” sounds are funny.
 He ordered flowers
to be sent to his girlfriend …
‘cuz he knew she knew.
 A shuttered cottage.
Dust settles on empty chairs.
Sunlight peeks through shades.
60’s pinup-ku:
Good God, she’s naked!!
He wasn’t often flummoxed,
but this … well … gee whiz!
This is the Future
that you dreamed about while you
sat in Study Hall.
As you get older,
perspectives change; trivial
matters fall away.
She whispered to him,
‘I’ll fulfill all your dreams’ … But
he’d dreamt of Pirates.
The Tony Awards
demonstrated that show tunes
aren’t just tunes in shows.
 Five inches of rain;
enough for Noah to say,
“Riiiight. What’s a cubit?”
To be logged off when
your back’s turned, should require
an act of Congress.
 ‘Bonus’ ‘poem’:
Yesterday, I had a thunk;
to ‘have a think’ is kinda punk
I thought I’d think such thoughts and wink,
But now I think such thoughts just stink.
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