A Solstice-y Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon – 6/21/2013


Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:
Here’s my guess as to
what poor Sandy’s thinking; “Help!
I’m in ‘Groundhog Day!'”

As the darkness ebbs,
the solstice sunrise welcomes
another Summer.
Twice a week, the cars
do their morning do-si-do
for the street sweeper.
A garden pathway,
Lined with purple violets,
Absorbs all sadness.
 Guys with lots of bling,
gold chains, teeth and di’mond rings
must strut on Broadway.
I wandered along
the tow path of the canal
’til I found New Hope.
Strolling through meadows
on a lazy Summer’s day …
Enjoying fresh air.
He could wish for more,
but he had enough … They said
he lacked ambition.
He can’t afford to
listen to his heart while his
wallet is talking.
She can’t understand
his private loneliness, she’s
focused on her own.
 A rainy street. A
small fireman zooms by on his
scooter … Budget cuts.
Her gold charm bracelet,
clanged against the banister,
as she climbed the stairs.
tanka haiku: When our old dog died,
There was no reason for us
to keep his chew toys.

But we did. And even now
they lie on the floor … waiting.

The kitten struggles;
its head’s stuck in a box of
Meow Mix.   Chex-mate.
tanka haiku:
Bittersweet choc’late
then depressed maple syrup,
where does it all end?
  With comatose caramels.
The Domino Sugar theory.
Wistful reminders
of what you once meant to me …
shoved under my bed.
Nantucket scrimshaw,
carved in the 1800′s,
sits on grand-pa’s desk.
A quintet of haikus:

Ah pain … the revenge
of the forces of darkness
which seek to kill hope.

What may irritate
one man, another may find

Chronic pain can kill
aspirations and desire;
in their place, you cope.

Do not judge others
for their inability
to deal with their pain.

For you can not know
their threshold … Just assume it’s
as high as your own.

Jump in the water
outside this museum and
you would be in Seine.
Time flies, whether it
is having fun or not. Time
really hates walking.
 A butterfly lands
on a small patch of flowers
and the world’s re-made.
Wearing a sweatshirt,
Nursing a cup of coffee,
Reading the Funnies.
Bonus poem:
Mind over muscles,
brains versus brawn,
you can’t sweep with a picture
of a broom that you’ve drawn.

You think you can fly, so you stand on a chair
and flapping your arms, hope to rise in the air.

But wishes and thoughts may be met with resistance
when you live in a physical plane of existence.
Bonus photo:  A nearly packed house at the Comic Strip Live in NYC last Thursday, June 13th for the Night of Comedy fundraiser I produced to benefit the Spondylitis Association of America.  Great comics, great crowd, great evening!  (pictured: Spondylitis Association Exec. Director, Laurie Savage.)
“Having a chronic disease is not the end of the road, it’s simply a course correction. The path to your future still lies ahead of you. The road may now look, and in fact, may be, a bit more bumpy and filled with a few more obstacles, but your path is still there, waiting for you to continue the journey.
Remember, no-one gets a clear playing field. Everyone’s path is strewn with obstacles. This chronic disease is simply one of yours. The story of your life will be written about how you found your way around the obstacles, and although living with a chronic disease may mean some sharp turns in the road and some side streets you never anticipated, there are just as many rewards and amazing discoveries waiting for you as there were on the path that you were on before a chronic disease became part of your life.” – M.T.S.
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