A Quiet Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon … 8/2/2013


Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:
After the rainstorm
shimmering shafts of sunshine,
broke through the dark clouds.
My friend and neighbor, David Thompson, sent me this amazing photo.  He took it the other day at about the same time I was posting this haiku on my Facebook page.  Synchronicity,
The bride stripped bare by
nude descending a staircase …
He was ‘readymade.’
(Happy would-have-been 126th birthday this week to artist Marcel Duchamp.)
The needs of today
demand that we forget the
‘hows’ of yesterday.
 Leaves would follow her,
tumbling in her wake like
fawning sycophants.
 I hear distant trains
and imagine going home …
whistles on the wind.
 Mary had a lamb,
And little though it was, it
began stalking her.
 Silent flutterings,
and pirouettes in mid-air …
butterfly’s ballet.
Loathsome folks also
have that tiny piece of God
which hides inside us.
 Coffee on the porch,
watching kids on bicycles
chased by barking dogs.
If you choose to use
a magnifying glass, know
that you will find flaws.
How her heart would ache
in the middle of the night
yet be healed by dawn.
He’s got vertigo,
you can bet he’s sure to go
falling down the stairs.
A couple cuddles
outside of the Guggenheim,
then he hails a cab.
Reading comic books
and playing travel bingo
got them to Grandma’s …
tanka haiku: Why do you suppose
we have physical limits?
To teach us patience.
(Also, to give us something
that we can complain about …)
The scar on his arm
made his hula-girl tattoo
appear to wiggle.
Who have you steadied?
Whose heart have you opened? Whose
dreams have you unleashed?
 And then, a rainbow
swept across the darkened sky,
for the storm had ended.

Thanks to my friend, Kristina Rebelo for the beautiful photo.

photo Copyright 2013 by Kristina Rebelo

Be here now always

reminds me of  ‘est’ training.

Now, be there was then.



Whimsical haikus

that spring up inside my head

always make me laugh.

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