A Fine Feathered Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon 8/9/2013



Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:

She silently stalks,
my lilac point Siamese …
pouncing on dust balls.
 If you have a job
with no time parameters,
you must be shiftless.
Half opened window …
A world on each side … Do you
look in or stare out?
tanka haiku:
Sweltering.  Sweat swarmed ..
which led to some swaying … She
stopped sweeping and swooned …
Which lead to swearing … Someone
suggested she switch sweet’ners.
He went tree to tree
in search of fallen apples.
Nature denied him.
 Walking through meadows
just before sunrise, is worth
some wet trouser cuffs.
Remember, when you’re
tall in the saddle, your feet
are not on the ground.
 Blessed are those that
never got sick, for old age
will be a surprise.
 When I’m all alone,
in my heart and in my mind,
you reverberate.
A-True-Story double haiku:

The out-of-towner
asked the bagel store worker,
“What’s the softest one?”

To which the worker,
replied, “The softest bagel  …
would be a croissant.”

She leaned and whispered,
‘I will never forget you’ …
But, by Noon, she had.
 Dee’s calico cat
has all sorts of adventures
while Dee is at work.
Double haiku: In a sleepy town,
off the beaten path, lived a
man who knew nothing.

He was fed by cows,
carried by horses and was
quite a happy soul.

Respond-ku by my friend, David:
I think I once knew
that man who knew nothing. Hmmm.
Was his name Buddha?
Sometimes an echo
from a life you left behind,
catches up to you.
When you search for God,
don’t forget to close your eyes,
He hides in our hearts.
Her withering glance
told him he’d said too much … and
he’ll sleep on the couch.
Actor heard praying
while crossing Shubert Alley;
“God, the first act sucks.”
In the church steeple,
an owl will soon come to know
for Who(m) the bell tolls.
tanka haiku: Perusing the hall,
he picked out a girl and tried
to make eye contact.
  She acted very shy, and
  so … slowly … drew him to her.
tanka haiku: On a maple tree
near the edge of our yard, I
carved my initials.

So young and foolish … I thought
it would make me immortal.

Noises in the hall;
My neighbor drops their keys, then
curses their fingers.
Sometimes, the truth hurts.
Of course, truth be known, lying
can hurt just as much.

An old woman with
green hair … how is it her youth
never acquiesced?

 The old neighborhood
has changed. But don’t complain. You’re
not the same either.
 A man on a bike
carelessly rides through the park
wearing suspenders.
 In the morning light,
a sailboat on the Hudson,
moves as in a dream.
 He no longer cared
for the pastimes of his youth …
his tastes had ‘matured.’
Behind the spice rack
in mom’s kitchen cab’net hid
vanilla extract!
 If you think Sinning
takes more work than being Good …
You’ve never been Good.
 A convivial
conveyance of convenience …
convertible coupe.
tanka haiku:

The old weathered barn
still advertises Mail Pouch
chewing tobacco.

Irony? The old farmer
still dead – cancer of the gums.

Could there ever be
a greater compliment than
“You’ve got me thinking” … ?
Under the table
is not where to end up when
your boss buys you lunch.
From my friend, David:


August in New York.

I’m looking for a new shrink.

What was I thinking?


My Respond-ku:


More appropriate

question you should be asking …

What were you feeling?



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