A Very Pleasant Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon




Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:
Variations on a Sunset:
Sometimes the world will
overwhelm us with beauty,
our heart seems to burst.
The world overwhelms
us with beauty sometimes and
we must stop and stare.
a bitter orange
sunset dissolves into the
calm blue horizon.
(Photograph copyright 2013 by Kristina Rebelo)
a blues haiku riff for four haiku-ists
Slouched in a corner,
of a dingy juke joint, a
young man learns the blues.
When Ella said no,
he knew what it was to be
outside looking in
He beat out rhythms
on the edge of his guitar,
while his voice would scat.
He skedaddled back
to his real life – wishing for
a stage to play on.
Surroundings ignored,
fingers blistered from practice.
The blues sure feel good.
The cuts of ones life.
Rejoice in a common song
Sharing what is true.
Our voices lifted,
we rejoice in common song,
sharing common pain.
Settin’ on my porch;
‘Why did my woman leave me?’
Sing those Whiskey Blues.
Boom boom, said John Lee
out go the lights; twilight moon,
midnight songs, blues fade
Feel so down and out,
I can’t deal with all the pain;
buried in the blues.
Fair met and well writ,
Introductions are greatly
double haiku:
Sitting in the park,
he looks at all the birds and,
wishes he could fly.
He sees kids at play
and feels the great sadness of
not having children.
1, 2, 3 AND-ku: 

Waltzing through life is
not as easy as it sounds …
There’s all that counting!

 In life, his choice was
to drum. Had only to count
In fours – many ways
Grabbing his drumsticks,
he played a paradiddle
that would beat the band.
His seven stroke roll
swung past the triplet bronze tone
and a waltz broke out.
Stay near your garden,
for spirits of the Earth are
flattered by flowers.
tanka haiku:
Who have you steadied?
Whose heart have you opened? Whose
dreams have you unleashed?

Ask yourself these, for they are
the questions that matter most.

 Will we be known by
the things that divert us or
on which we focus?
 A warm Summer’s night;
he whistles as he strolls through
the woods near his home.
 The calla lilies
sported purple ‘freckles’, which
made me think of you.
A careful dipping
of the brush, will ensure a
steady flow of ink.
 Not ev’ry almond
will taste of perfection, but
all hold the promise.
What lies beyond the
blue horizon? Isn’t it
more blue horizon?
I don’t move stiffly …
The rest of the world’s too loose.
See? It’s all context.
It’s been said that in
the wasted pursuits of youth
live our old-age dreams.
 With fabric swatches
draped over the slipcovers,
she pondered options.
He jerked as he swung,
shanked his drive into the rough,
then, swore a blue streak.
Driving through small towns,
my windshield frames images
I cannot forget.
true-ku: She had a tattoo,
of a rose on her forearm
and the phrase, ‘Love Stinks’.
With a gleeful squeal,
the little girl in the park
discovered the slide.
 He opens the door,
throws his keys on the table,
And heads for the couch.
In Life, know two things;
That dog will keep barking, and
this train’s movin’ on.
To illuminate
is better than to merely shine.
teach to think, not thoughts.

(St. Thomas Aquinas paraphrased.)

Most scholars know, you
can’t alphabetize chaos …
but CAN order fries.
Weary troubadour,
guitar slung across his back,
thumb out to hitch-hike.
He was raised by wolves
yet now dates Red Riding Hood.
Conflict of int’rest?
A moonlit whisper
two lovers in silhouette
intense affection.
 He’d come to grips with
his own mortality … ’til
he met his true love.
 Blistering come-backs
bounced through his head, but all he
could say was, “Oh YEAH?!”
They carved the bough to
make a prow, which even now
still floats somehow. Wow.
 Row upon row of
tulips on Park Avenue
bathe in the sun’s warmth.
(Please make sure your entry is in the form of a haiku)

Why did the monkey
leave the used banana peel
on the fire hydrant?
Me # 1: 
He was waiting for
the bus when he got picked up
by a gorilla.
Me # 2:
Do NOT touch a thing!
The monkey’s an artist. It’s
Conceptual Art.
Me # 3:
So I said to the
monkey, “Throw it on the ground
and someone will slip.”
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