A Jazz-tinged Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon



Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:
double haiku:
Oh, sweet saxophone,
play for me a most gentle
lullaby for ‘Bird.’
I passed his house on
Avenue B* today and 
muttered, “Too soon gone.”
(Happy would-have-been 93rd birthday to Charlie Parker.)
double haiku: When I was young, I
looked in strangers’ faces to
find the familiar.

Now that I am old,
I look in strangers’ faces
to find the unique.

 In Life, two choices;
remain bewildered, or seek
The dark before dawn;
lonely hearts beat quicker in
Subtle shades of blue,
I forget what I once knew;
Iris means rainbows.
The role of youth is
to snatch the hands of time from
their elders … and run!
tanka haiku:


Where is that diner?
The one that serves those pancakes
with ice cream on top …
   Near the junction of Route Three
   and your cardiac bypass.
 All along the shore,
folks stared as so-called ‘perfect
waves’ kept on breaking.
 The one thing we do
that’s as powerful as Love
is … that we Forgive.
 Ah, consistency …
It’s not just over-rated,
it’s the same old sh*t.
 To illuminate
is better than to merely shine.
Teach thinking, not thoughts.

(St. Thomas Aquinas … more or less.)


Sitting quietly,
pondering vissicitudes,
sure works up a thirst!
tanka haiku: She wore pink spandex
on her summer vacation …
which caused a riot.
Cops came. She was arrested,
and did a stretch in prison.
You are determined,
 yellow dandelion, for you
 push through the sidewalk.
On a shady lane,
there lived a lonely girl that
dreamed of love fulfilled.
Like sails on schooners,
the bed sheets billowed, while pinned
to my mom’s clothesline.
A freshly waxed floor,
an over-eager puppy …
hilarity ensues.
Child Labor laws, and
Forty hour work weeks … Like ’em?
Thank the Union folks.
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