Fall Foliage Peaks on a Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon




Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:


As autumn leaves fall,
we must prepare for winter,
and dream of next spring.

Simply looking back …
Well, Honestly, what’s the point,
if you can’t re-write?

My friend David wrote:

Even though I watched,
the pot of water boiled.
Why’d they have to lie?

My respond-ku:

Life may not be fair
nor axioms accurate …
Pizza still tastes good.

My friend David wrote:

Hiding from G*d is
*NOT* a game that’s ever won.
Yet, people still try.

My respond-ku:

G*d is really smart,
and hides where some would never
look; within themselves.

Snow slips off tree limbs,
as the temper’ture rises.
Beauty turns to slush.

Leaves cover the tracks,
locomotives used to chug
through our little town.

One mortal body
and one immortal soul merge;
Grab your pants, let’s go!

From a lack of sleep,
I can sometimes forget stuff …
… What was I writing?

Lonely blue highways,
asphalts to infinity …
Life continues on.

Too many raindrops,
fell on her geraniums,
now they look depressed.

The edge of a cliff,
hanging by my fingernails.
Damned manicure … Aaaarrggghhhh

off in a corner,
sits a quiet little girl,
who dreams of horses.

What he missed the most,
was her passionate embrace;
it reassured him.

A small hummingbird
fleetingly floating near the
flowers on my porch.

The streets of this town
may not be paved with gold, but
they get where they’re going …

The trees in my yard
are reluctant as children
to let Summer go.

I carve spindles on
a swiftly turning lathe to
make new bannisters.



A striding lion
has no doubts about purpose.
Give a roar and stride.

What night ships do you
sail upon? What adventures
find you in your dreams?

All the world’s problems
Are completely forgotten,
whenever I think.

In late September,
night-time temps fall. I bang on
the radiator.

One of Life’s perks is,
no matter how you slice it,
Coffee must be ground.

Apologies to Rodgers and Hart-ku:

There’s a small hotel
with a wishing well, I wish …
room service would come.

Smiling through the night?
laughing through the live-long day?

Sad when Summer ends,
and the school year starts anew …
said no mom ever.

Mother Nature sends
an eviction notice and
the foliage leaves.


Clouds surround mountains,
evergreens anchor the slopes,
temple bells echo.


“Oxy mora” wrote this:

I don’t like downers

except in a pillow, crap,

the dumb thing’s depressed.

My respond-ku:

What did JFK
tell Bobby about the Blonde?
“The dumb thing’s depressed.”


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