A Drizzily Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon




Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:


A sleeping dog guards
the pumpkin harvest while the
leaves sneak from the trees.



(The rest of the photographs on this page were taken by my collaborator, Tom Contrino.)



Red and white onions,
Forced together by fate … and
Color blind grocers.


Living on the streets,
I slip into a dream world
to escape my life.



Pulsating rhythms,
Echoing through Central Park,
The joy of bongos.


What did Mantle’s knees,
and a drummer’s fingertips,
have in common? Tape!



How do you get to
High Street Rehab? You inhale …
(It makes sense to me.)



I locked my bike up
when I got to the market
Good thing I wore shoes.


Stiff and discarded,
old paintbrushes wait, hope and
pray for turpentine.



Though his hand was out,
his spirit needed kindness
even more than cash.



A Mannequin Zoo;
Please Do Not Feed the Housewives …
(and if they move, run!)



Sure, she stares blankly,
and she has no fashion sense,
but she listens well.



I whispered to her,
‘What is a nice girl like you,
Doing behind bars?’


Confused park benches
still wonder why people look
for seats on buses.




What sub-species of
human fakes a service dog?

I’m too blind to see.



Willows in the wind,
gently swaying back and forth,
like sleepy dancers.



He tried to please her,
he tried to reason with her,
she tried his patience.


double haiku:

He wrestles demons,
which doesn’t pay as well as
praying with angels …

But … it’s a living.
And the fact is, he prefers
headlocks to halos.



Cunning conundrums,
thoroughly mixed metaphors …
twisted conclusions.


The bejeweled collar
he wears, undercuts his claim
he wants to be free.

When it’s dinnertime
in the cannibal village,
stupid shows up first.

Soft hands on rough stone,
grasping for crevices, will
soon form calluses.

“I ‘felt’ it was true” …
has been the rationale for
most of our blunders.

Let me ask you this …
If it is all in God’s hands,
why is He all thumbs?



Finally, just for fun, check out my old pal Davis Cone’s paintings in this article on The Huffington Post:




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