A Chilly Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon



Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:


Grandma used to say,
“a house with no back door
has something to hide.”

(Photo by: Kristina Rebelo)



Behind the lighthouse,
soft, puffy clouds dot the sky.
Sail the ev’ning tide.


(Photo by: Kristina Rebelo)

 Where depressed gourmands,
can go to end it all; the
terminal diner.

(Pictured: A miniature environment created by artist Alan Wolfson.)




true-haiku: “Buy thin spaghetti”,
my mom used to say. Why’s that?
“Because you get more.”



When you melt the heart
of a snowman, you are left
with watery tears.


 Blistering come-backs
raced through his head, but all he
could say was, “Oh YEAH?!”

 Our hearts are widest
when we put aside our thoughts
and let ourselves feel.

 Wandering through Life,
he stopped to watch a parade,
then shrugged and joined it.

Double haiku:

He drove through the night
to see the fall foliage
mirrored in the lake.

Orange,red, yellow
leaves seemed to be on fire …
while the lake rippled.

 Count Basie-ku:

Friday nights, a line
forms at the lover’s leap … for
the one oclock jump.



The shade of an elm,
passes through my small garden,
as dusk approaches.

She wore gingham and
polka dot dresses, which made
her seem cartoon-ish.

Near some shallow shoals,
sallow souls in hollow holes
scream at scheming scum.

Coffee on the porch,
watching kids on bicycles
chased by barking dogs.

Ya ever see a
sunrise that does not hold the
promise of re-birth?


The universe keeps
winking at me, as if we
share some cosmic joke.




was just a bunch of really
bad cell phone photos.

(Cell phone photo taken by me while access-a-riding the other day on the West Side Highway.) 

Off-Topic silliness: 

The other day, a friend sent me this photo from 1983 – At a reunion of NBC pages, I’m seen here showing a friend and fellow ex-page, one of the stops on my “NBC Underground Tour” … (Just for my own amusement, I used to sneak around and place comedy signs on ordinary objects in the hallways at 30 Rock, pretending they were significant objects in broadcast history.)  Here we are on the 11th floor, just outside my office. I am explaining to my friend that what looks like a fire hose was actually the world’s first coaxial cable, which was used to set up the first television link between New York and Philadelphia way back in July of 1941.

And if you look closely, you can see another stop on the tour … in the ceiling is what appears to be a fire/smoke detector, but was “actually” an old boom microphone from the 1950’s, which was used on such shows as the Colgate Comedy Hour and the Texaco Star Theatre. It was accidentally embedded in the ceiling by a distracted construction worker during a renovation in the late 60’s. Because of the placement of the posting, that tour stop was still there at least a decade after I posted it. (For all I know, it may still be there.) 

My favorite moment concerning the underground tour happened one day in the Spring of 84, when then Governor Mario Cuomo came to a nearby conference room for an interview with the editorial staff of WNBC-TV.  I was walking back from the elevator and I see these two secret service guys standing looking at the fire hose. As I walked past them to get to my office, one secret service guy turned to the other one and with a completely deadpan expression said, “it’s a joke.”  The other guy nodded … I had to run the rest of the way back to my office and close the door before bursting with laughter. It was a proud moment indeed.



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