A Sentimental Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon



Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:


She was 23,
he was 27. In
4 weeks, the world changed.

(Nov. 8, 1941 – My parents on their wedding day, outside St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC.)



There’s so much music
in the world we inhabit,
why aren’t we dancing?





twixt  house and lighthouse,
martians doing jumping jacks
mock the pounding surf.



Above an old pub,
a performance space attracts
eager young actors.





Nowadays, you can’t
walk in a dealership and
ask for a ‘woody’ …

(photo: 1950 Buick 4-door “Woody” station wagon.)




I love to see old
buildings as they once were … not
as what they’ve become.



Ev’ry stream that flows
through a lush valley, first knows
a barren mountain.

I used to wonder
what makes the world go ’round. Now
I know; it’s wonder.

In a window box
outside my room, a single
geranium blooms.

If you need a laugh,
ask a child what adults say
when they’re whispering.


As he walked away,
he thought about what she said.
The truth of it hurt.

The more I listen,
the more I understand and
less I know ‘for sure.’

Secessionists may
hate E Pluribus Unum
but it made US great.


triple haiku:

When I am alone

I don’t think the world exists …

but, of course, it does. 



When I am alone

I am  content to putter

and accomplish zip.



It is the thought that

I must rejoin the world that

gets me off my duff.





double haiku:



Two ballet dancers

arch their backs and reach their arms

up to the heavens.


A plea to God to

understand the suffering

of this mortal realm.




making lyrics dance

is a lovely melody,

flirting with rhythm.


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