Another Sunny Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon




Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:


Delicately placed
atop a four-ton dumpster;
a styrofoam cup.

Old NYC-ku:

The man on the right
is rushing to McSorley’s
for a pint of ale.

(Cooper Square – 1899 looking North)


tanka haiku: We’re eyewitnesses
to an extr’ordinary
parade of events.

As embedded reporters,
we share our ‘news’ with others.


Sometime in your Life,
you’ve fascinated someone …
other than your mom.




Carefully follow
the path through the irises …
serenity waits.



The blaze of Autumn
has begun to wither and
gnarly winter bloom.

He once walked two miles
through the wind and pouring rain
just to hear her laugh.

hanging limply from
an overhead pipe; one sad,
deflated balloon.


As a precaution,
I wrap my arms around her,
then share the sad news.



Two glasses sit on
an old oak table, emptied
of kumquat liqueur.


Take a chance, today.
Put your fears aside and LEAP
into the unknown.



The clouds in the sky
slowly drift by. Lazily,
I sit and watch them.



He’s considered dull,
just muddling through Life, yet
his heart slays dragons.


A moonlit whisper,
two lovers in silhouette;
urgent affection.



Autumn in New York,
leaves crackle underfoot as
I stroll through the park.



 Van Gogh said they are
olive trees … They look more like
broccoli to me.


In Grandma’s parlor,
quiet domesticity …
and a sleeping cat.

He was raised by wolves,
but tutored by nightingales …
so he howls on key.

T’was way too early,
to come to a conclusion,
so, he simply guessed.

A dark, grey morning
Serious people crowd me …
I can’t help but laugh.

 Armistice Day-ku:

On the eleventh
Month, day and hour – at long last,
the guns fell silent.

(Pictured: The Spondyville mascot, Stiffy the Snowspondy, visiting the Anglo-Belgian War Memorial in Brussels a few years back, to pay tribute to all the fallen heroes of WWI.)





Psychics help chickens
to get to the other side.
Spooky Poultry-geists?

Pasta-ku: Mom threw confetti;
her children were ready to
eat their spaghetti.

His independence
did not preclude reliance
on friends and fam’ly.

The world does not need
improving. It is perfect.
How we hold it? Oy.


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