An Early Door-Buster Black Friday Afternoon Sale at the Haikulodeon



The Haikulodeon gets the jump on all those other haiku emporiums by opening it’s doors early in order to beat the Thanksgiving Day poetry rush …

So … here’s this week’s heap of haikus:

And so, we gather
to rejoice and to give thanks
for we are so blessed.

Let each turkey slice
and wedge of mom’s pumpkin pie,
demonstrate our thanks.

Mash the potatoes,
baste the turkey, eat some pie,
then take a long nap.

tanka haiku:

My tenth great grand-dad
was at that first thanksgiving …
I imagine him

saying the turkey was fowl
and the yams needed more salt.

double haiku:

In the barber’s chairs,
boys squirm and fidget … meanwhile
dad’s reading Playboy.
Sweeping up the hair,
old men argue politics …
kids want lollipops.

L. L. Bean, Best Buy,
Mrs Field’s Cookies, Macys …
Mall s assimilate.


On a dock in Maine,
he watched as the lobsters were
removed from their traps.


Deer in the headlights!
Brakes slammed, tires squeal! Seat belt grabs!
Adrenaline rush!


Ever wonder why
the stars shine in the sky? Two
words: Surplus Twinkles.

tanka haiku:
I need your concern,
your help, your solace, your strength,
your love. I need you.
No, I’m NOT needy! Are cars
without gasoline, gassy?

Hampered by the rain,
we still managed to play a
full set of tennis.

tanka haiku:

Do birds in the trees
sing happier melodies
than ones in a cage?

Does freedom of movement trump
the freedom from fear? Don’t know.

Finding peace-makers
is never as easy as
finding warriors.


Thoughts, planted wisely,
blossom in reluctant minds,
when the time is right.


What if we’re all  cogs
in a huge, complex machine,
just trying to mesh?

double haiku:

Morning eased gently
into my consciousness, like
melting caramels …
gooey imagery?
Perhaps, but still better than
a kick in the shins.

A crumpled fender,
wrapped around a barber pole,
could mean a close shave.

At the sky’s edges,
mountaintops still pierce the clouds,
to peek at heaven.

Do not weep all night
then wonder why the world seems
so full of teardrops.

A haiku for writers …

haiku: The plot thickens when
you’re married to the ending
but wake with a start.

Through an iron fence,
I watch autumn leaves fall on
empty park benches.

Pretending we’ll meet,
each time I turn a corner
makes me walk faster.

(A variation taken from one of my favorite Cy Coleman songs; “I Walk a Little Faster.”)

A yellow note was
pasted on the scaffolding …
“Soft heads need hard hats.”

A tiny sparrow
is chased by a feisty pup
pulling a young girl.


Reading comic books
and playing travel bingo
got them to Grandma’s.

Live a life of love,
look to better angels, carve
your own walking stick.

tanka haiku:

I have been too bad
to be a saint; too good to
be the anti-Christ.

What does that leave me? Only
a quite boring middle ground.

In snowy woods, I
follow tiny footprints, which
suddenly vanish.

It’s not that I find
you intriguing, it’s just that
in you, I see me.

A glorious day
seeps through my window shades, and
withers all my fears.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING – CHANUKAH!   Gobble, Gobble, Mazeltov

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