Another Sleepy Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon 12-06-2013



Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:



The two legged things
sit on the four legged things
and run in circles?!


(Thanks to Kristina Rebelo for the use of the photo.  Photograph c) 2013 Kristina Rebelo.)


A rosy outlook
can still have thorny issues.
My advice? Wear gloves.

Winter reminder-ku:

Though snow has fallen,
remember, it has fallen
but it can’t get up.

An eager puppy,
tail wagging, strains at his leash.
So many new friends!

When you think of friends,
round their rough edges’, and put
smiles on their faces.    

Stuck. Like in cement.
His life’s going nowhere, and
the stage has left Dodge.

Skies with quiet clouds,
boardwalks sparsely peopled with
Old folks lost in thought.

( I forgot to post these during peak foliage time … )

Maples, elms and oaks
burst with yellow, red and orange;
the forest ablaze!

As the earth prepares
to take its winter snooze, the
foliage blushes.



A tangled mass of
branches peer into the stream
searching for lost leaves.



Bottle openers are
useless … till you need them.  Like
Condoms in wallets.


Oh sturdy vine, on
which we all depend, wither
not at season’s end.

A tiny bird pecks
at what it thinks is food, and
man thought smoke-able.

Do not suffer fools,
gently educate them and
elevate their souls.

Purple swirls may make
you dizzy, but old love songs
may well make you blue.


And so it begins;
the cold month that ends each year.
Be mild, December.



To be committed
is to fly through each sunset
in search of the dawn.

(Thanks to Kristina Rebelo for the use of the photo.  Photograph c) 2013 Kristina Rebelo. )


 tanka haiku:  

Now that I am old,
I don’t have to ask for help,
nice folks will offer. 

Of course, what they offer is,
seldom what I really need. 

Immortal souls that
live in mortal bodies … That’s
one of God’s jokes, right?

( Still one of my faves … )

haiku: A garden pathway
lined with purple violets
absorbs all sadness.


( still one of my faves … )

haiku: A garden pathway
lined with purple violets
absorbs all sadness.



Double haiku:

They used to say, “See:

ya in the funny papers” ..

Now, it’s understood.

We are ALL in the

funny papers … But the world’s

no longer funny.



Of a sanguine mind,
he always disagreed with
the cynical blokes …




Don’t become smitten
with young maids you have bitten;
there’s too much at stake.




The ecdysiast
that men find teasiest, zips
up the easiest.




This’ll float your boat;
Naked Gondoliers is what
makes Venetians blind.



Tomorrow is my
birthday … One more year gone by.
Where’s my slice of cake?


Mick Mars of Motley Crue has Ankylosing Spondylitis, the disease which I was diagnosed with back in 1985.   Mick and his band-mates have graciously donated an autographed guitar to auction off on E-Bay, with 100% of the proceeds going to benefit the Spondylitis Association of America, recently named one of the Top Ten Non-Profit organizations in the United States.   The bidding on the guitar only continues until December 8th, so get your bids in TODAY!  
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