A Xmas Getaway Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon



Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:

Water lillies float
serenely on a pond as
a light rain begins.



Watching MTV …
Where did the videos go?
the “thriller’ is gone.

Hidden in the creche;
a marble he’d stolen from
his little brother.


Wishing for Santa.
Feeling disappointed … again.
Wishing for Santa.

The broken crayon
that rolled behind the sofa
piqued the dog’s int’rest.


 Here is a lesson
to be learned and not forgot;
While music plays, dance.


The New York Worlds Fair
in Sixty-Four and Five was
this teen’s paradise.

Though I meander
through lush fields and forests, I
will find my way home.

A dagger as sharp
as a lover’s rebuke has
not, as yet, been made.


So … how cold was it?
It was so cold, hot chowder
was sold on a stick.

It was so cold that
when I spilled my coffee, it
didn’t splash, it cracked.

It was so cold that
the polar bears were wearing
eskimos as scarves.

On a cold, clear morn,
a church in the distance is
framed by the bare trees.

Happiness is not
a station you arrive at,
it’s the train you’re on.

Reading epistles,
‘midst clover and thistles, a
joyful man whistles.

He’d often quibble
with perceived wisdom just to
be an S.O.B. 

On a cold, clear morn,
a church in the distance is
framed by the bare trees.

How I wish I could
have lived in my parents’ world.
they said things were great.

Visibly shaken,
she came mentally unglued,
so … she fell apart.  


The Winter Solstice;
the shortest day of the year
has the longest night. 

Spondyville mascot, Stiffy the Snowspondy went backstage at “I Love Lucy Live On Stage!” in Boston at the Colonial Theatre with “Lucy” (Sirena Irwin) and “Ethel” (Joanna Daniels).  Thanks to my friend, and cast member of the show, Denise Moses for hosting the Snowspondy’s visit. 




Happy Holidays!


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