A Mid-january Friday Afternoon Thaw at the Haikulodeon




Here are this week’s heap of haikus:

I yearn for Spring, when
lilacs in the front yard bloom
and eager hearts melt.

(Thanks to Kristina Rebelo for the use of her photograph.)

With each sun rise,
the dramas of Life resume
and we step onstage.

Neither trylon nor
perisphere could get TWO cars 
on the LIE.

“Dude … aren’t we getting
way too old for this shit?”  “You’re
the endless bummer.”

(Thanks to Kristina Rebelo for the use of her photograph.)


Her bleeding heart mixed
with his bloody ignorance;
Their plasma TV.

In this lonely place,
the shadows offer solace
only to the damned.



Sweep the pine needles
Take the cards from the mantle
Cleaning up Christmas.

He sat in his room
and played a lonely waltz on
his concertina.




“Hand me my tickets.”
“Don’t you play the lottery?”
“I have not won … yet.”


Short stack of pancakes,
coffee on the side … Eat. Drink.
Pay the tab and go.

The radiator
sputters back to life … But the
toaster’s on the fritz.

The doctor’s office;
where sick folks get together
to read magazines.

( Did I write this or just remember it from somewhere else?  I don’t know. )

Fog on the shore road.
A man on a bicycle
appears lost in thought.


Halt, twerk-ish knave! Thou
photo-bombed Lady MacBeth!
Delete damned Selfie!

( from Act 3 – Scene 1 of the lost Shakespearean masterpiece, As You Lick It. )

I’m tied up in knots
The Man’s boot is on my neck.
Gosh, I can still dream.

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