A Bitterly Cold Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon



Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:



Birds of a feather
deciding whether or not
to flock together.

(Thanks to Kristina Rebelo for the use of her photograph)


Come Winter, the trees
are merely shelves for snowflakes,
biding time till Spring.



tanka haiku: On a corner lot,
a two-story brick building
is all that remains.

Glories of another time,
too soon reduced to rubble.



triple haiku:

The cinnamon toast
was brown and speckled and the
buttered oatmeal hot.


At his cousin’s house,
breakfast was a ritual
he found confusing.


“Where’s the Cheerios?”
he asked, “And why honeydews,
this isn’t Sunday!”


Pretty little birds
cling to small branches, and sway
in the gentle breeze.


Are you a misfit
and conspire to rebel?
Get in line, my friend.


We shall persevere
and rise again tomorrow
to tend our gardens.


I walked through a field
to get to the main road, and
lost all track of time.

We’re not defined by
what we have lost, but by what
we do with what’s left.

Hats worn at movies,
in days gone by, were targets
for stale ju-ju-bees.

tanka haiku:

But then, the cloud came.
Couples stopped dancing and old
men rose to their feet.

Children seemed bewildered, but
saw fear in their parents’ eyes.

The falling leaves will
make the mulch that will feed the
soil, which grows the trees.

tanka haiku:

We fight our whole lives
to thrive in the world of our
parents, only to

discover that we’re living
in the world of our children.

Icy sidewalks dare
my hip replacement; take a
walk on the wild side.

A sliver of moon,
slicing through the clouds … restless
shadows roam the fields.

In the darkest night,
there remains an ember which
will re-light the dawn.

Too many wind chimes,
not enough jello shots; the
story of her life.

The Cathedral of
St. John the Divine is STILL
unfinished.  Dear G*d … 

(Photograph of NYC’s Cathedral of St. John the Divine being built in 1915. )

They were so poor that
his mittens were made out of
used coffee filters.

tanka haiku: There is a sad fear
that’s buried deep in my heart;
that no love will last.

So I pretend Time’s not cruel
and hope memories won’t fade.



Nantucket lightships
cast their beams out to the sea …
“Warning! Rocky Shoals!”

In spite of the cold,
a bird sits in the tree and
sings its song of Spring.

With hearts full of grace,
and souls generating love,
we shall overcome.

(Thanks to Jim W. for the Martin Luther King, Jr. quote that inspired this haiku.)


A nurse hovers o’er
her unresponsive patient.
Will she let him go?


Exhausted, they slept
in a field of bluebonnets;
bodies still entwined.


‘Polar bears’, she said,
‘are the largest carnivals.’
(She meant carnivores.)


The fabric of Life;
From order to chaos
we slowly unravel.

Coffee and crullers …
Sitting on the dock, watching
the boats come and go.


Saunter through the woods,
leaving all your cares behind,
immersed in nature.

I walk down the street
measuring each step, hoping
not to break mom’s back.

Down a garden path,
that leads to a wooden bench,
I find solitude.

When you walk through a
storm, hold your head up high … The
rain will look like tears.


(Tuesday January 21st would have been my dad’s 100th birthday.  He died at age 57. This photo was taken in 1942 while he was stationed at Ft. Sill in Oklahoma )

Finding old snapshots
of my dad being silly
makes me laugh and cry.

tanka haiku: 

They say black orchids
are mysterious, and a
harbinger of death.

But orchid comes from the Greek
word for testicle … So nu?


(Thanks to Kristina Rebelo for the use of her photograph)



Life is short, live it.
Love is abundant, embrace it.
Anger is destructive, release it.
Fear is a challenge, face it.
Memories are comforting, cherish them.
Life is a miracle, enjoy it.

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