Another Super-Bowl Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon


Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:

are often up in the air,
just stay on the line.

(Thanks to Kristina Rebelo for the use of her photograph)

tanka haiku: Don’t be afraid, for
we walk in the footsteps of
those who’ve gone before.

We’ll all be re-united
on a new and sunlit shore.

Yeah, I know.  But who knew the lyrics to “When the Saints Go Marching In” could be re-worked into a tanka haiku?  Thanks Pete Seeger for the inspiration.

Resting in the shade,
young men tried to make sense of
the horrors of war.

From the battle of Kwajalein Island which began 70 years ago (January 31, 1944.)  My dad was there and took this photo.

After the rainstorm,
the park looked so lush and green,
he wished his youth back.

Fitful nights will end.
Sleep will overtake sadness.
When I wake, you’re gone.

Lying in a field,
my ancestors looked at clouds
and dreamt of my life.

Youth is insistent,
while old age negotiates …
it was ever thus.

Seldom will you see
a second thought that dances
in the morning breeze.

He was so sleepy,
he spread the raspberry jam
on both toast and hand.

Shadows thrown upon
a brick wall by passing cars,
flee into doorways.

If you choose to use
a magnifying glass, know
that you will find flaws.

Two homeless men sat
on a bench, discussing the
State of the Union.

A doe hid behind
a fir tree’s branches, and watched
two children playing.

Moon behind the clouds,
dew forms on the meadow grass,
we whisper, “Goodnight” …

My wish for you is:
Your quest never ends, and your
heart ever widens.

Sometimes an echo
from a life you left behind,
will catch up to you.

A freshly waxed floor,
an over-eager puppy …
viral video.

tanka haiku:

Where is that diner?
The one that serves those pancakes
with ice cream on top …

Near the junction of Route Three
and your cardiac bypass.

 … Then the blushing bride
ripped off her dress and whispered,
“Wanna consummate?”

double haiku:

When I was young, I
looked in strangers’ faces to
find the familiar.

Now that I am old,
I look in strangers’ faces
to find the unique.

Peach oleanders
overwhelm the small vase on
my kitchen table.

tanka haiku: Curious … Have you
ever seen a mailman that
likes to stamp his feet?

Is he footing the bill, or
just pushing the envelope?

She ran down the street,
with tears streaming down her face,
dogs nipping her heels.

The dress rehearsal
ran over three hours … without
an intermission.

Alternate take:

The dress rehearsal
ran over three hours … and limped
the rest of the way.

What you are drawn to,
has within it, the lesson
that you need to learn.

The seas might seize them,
(a flea might flee them), but hearts
captured, enraptured.

To be fair, we must
pity the TV pundits.
Like Brooks, they babble.

Singing counterpoint
lets harmonious couples
blend their diff’rent tunes.

Walking through meadows
just before sunrise, is worth
some wet trouser cuffs.

Can we ever let
Love truly know our hearts? Must
shadows’ hints suffice?

His mind would wander,
but it knew not to stray far
from the neighborhood.

It’s said, (by me), that
mischief stalks the mundane to
make it more human.


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