A Friday Afternoon of Love at the Haikulodeon




Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:



A poet wrote: “I
carry your heart in my heart.”
Love was ever thus.





My heart imagines
your passionate love for me,
How long must I dream?



Oh my dear sweet love,
when you’re near me, my heart leaps
and I’m filled with joy!

 His heart had grown old,
his spirit, weak and flagging,
Love had shut its door.

T’was love at first sight,
First, he tickled her fancy,
And then, so much more.

Since the day we met,
the creases formed by your smile,
haved lived in my thoughts.

Two hearts beat as one …
which begs the question; How high
is their blood pressure?

A sincere heart is,
more likely to change the world,
than a reasoned thought.

 A downtown cafe …
lovers cuddle in a booth,
and share some red wine.

Outside my window,
furious snowflakes mingle,
fearful pigeons roost.

 An old weathered rope,
hangs ’round a lonely fence-post,
purpose forgotten.

 When you are away,
I sit and stir my soup and
listen to old songs.

There is an old tree
that knows my heartaches and has
heard my confessions.

Though old of age, he
felt he still had tales to tell,
and trails to wander.





Saturday nights, the
best of the best were the best!
It’s your Show of Shows!

(RIP Sid Caesar!)



Wish the snow would go
from being to nothingness …?
Sartre should shovel.



Now, with cubism,
Picasso bet you could tell
shape from abstraction.


Another snowstorm,
another chance to enjoy
quiet time at home.

Young eyes hold magic;
look into them, and see the
world as it could be.

Caveat Emptor,
says it all: Let the buyer
be wearing no clothes.

Remembering love
is a journey through the soul
that restores the heart.

Lazy sunlight drifts,
through the parted lace curtains,
of the drawing room.

In a quiet room.
a book lies open on a
mahogany desk.

Wishing you were here,
Hoping you find happiness,
Sadly, we’ve moved on.

The stack of papers,
suddenly flew ’round the room!
Please close the window!

He recalls fondly
how one rainy afternoon
they ‘shared’ an awning.

Will you dance with me?
Come, Let’s shake the rafters with
our mutual joy.

Sweet melodies drift
from my grandmother’s bedroom.
Old 78’s.



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2 Responses to A Friday Afternoon of Love at the Haikulodeon

  1. trkingmomoe says:

    I didn’t know you were here at word press. You are welcome to follow me and see some of the stuff I do. I get more action over here then at dag. And as always I love your haikus.

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