An Unseasonably Warm Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon …

Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:

tanka haiku: When snow turns to ice,
and bitter winds sting my face,
I think of baseball.

For Spring is getting nearer
and Umps soon will shout, “Play Ball!”

tanka haiku: All men were once boys,
All leaders, once followers,
Wise men, ignorant.

Neither resent nor regret,
    all will soon enough be frail.

As a tree reaches
for the sky, a potato
embraces the earth.

Silhouettes of trees
turn my river view into
a jigsaw puzzle.

Dimly lit streetlamps
dot a snowy path that winds
through Riverside Park.

Troubles never last.
Like cream poured into coffee,
they’ll soon swirl away.

Deep in the forest,
patches of stippled sunlight,
warm a leaf-strewn trail.

When she walked away,
I brought my hands to my face,
to hold in my dreams.

Twilight, cold and wet …
To ease the chill in my bones,
a savory bisque!

What’s more exhausting
than having unlimited

Back from the future?
Aerodynamic designs.
Gone like a cool breeze.

The future was then,
but now the future is a
present from the past.

( Ivo Pannaggi, Speeding Train (Treno in corsa), 1922 )

Don’t resist urges
from impulse or desire …
they will point the way.

Lit by sunlight, a
glowing landscape made out of
bits of colored glass.

(  Happy would-have-been 166th birthday to Louis Comfort Tiffany. )

Would you choose to go
relive your youth, if you could
not change anything?

The out of season
strawberries sit tastelessly
on her kitchen table.

Winter snow again,
will blow again, your car will
need a tow again.

tanka haiku:

In our solitude,
do we not all wonder if
we have moved the world?

It is at such times, we must
remember days like today.

He was raised by wolves
But tutored by nightingales
So he howls in key.

 Implausible schemes
might come to fruition … IF
the timing is right.

When my mind escapes
from thoughts that weigh it down, I
soar above the clouds.

Eighteen coffee cups
cluttering the counter-top;
broken dishwasher.


How her heart would ache
in the middle of the night …
yet, be healed by dawn.

 A wellspring of joy,
lies within each of our hearts,
waiting to be tapped.

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4 Responses to An Unseasonably Warm Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon …

  1. trkingmomoe says:

    I enjoyed them as always. Strawberries are in season here. I have been picking them from my garden. I was at the farm today and picked broccoli. I will spend the rest of the evening blanching vegetables for the freezer. It got hot here over night. I wonder what kind of weather global warming will bring this summer?

    • mrsmith2 says:

      It’s funny, but thanks to air shipping, fruits and vegetables are rarely “out of season” any more. Unfortunately, here in NYC right now, the strawberries, while available, are remarkably tasteless. (sigh) When I was a teenager, I remember reading a book by comedian Fred Allen about his days on Radio and he wrote that in the 1930’s, lettuce was still a seasonal vegetable. (His sponsor was a salad dressing company and they didn’t want to sponsor his show when there was no salads on which to put their dressing.) Seems hard to imagine now. Also hard to imagine that Broadway before air conditioning was common, was also seasonal, with shows shutting down during the hottest months of the year, and re-opening in the Fall. Air Conditioning, refrigeration and air freight were game changers in ways we don’t even think about now.

      • trkingmomoe says:

        That might all change as we face global warming. We might have to be happy with seasonal fruits. Refrigeration was a real turning point in our food preparation. I write some about the history of food here at wordpress.

        I remember when old department stores had high ceilings and fans.

        Do you think Summer Stock Theater was a way to keep money coming in on a productions when it was too hot on Broadway? .

      • mrsmith2 says:

        Summer Stock definitely was a reaction to the shutting down of the Broadway theaters. All those out of work actors … lol

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