A Prayer-Filled Good Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon






  Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:


  The Easter Bunny
  scared her so much, she went to
  church without a peep.

  (My sister and the Easter Bunny circa 1949.)


 tanka haiku: There is a sad fear
 that’s buried deep in our hearts;
 that no love will last.

   So we pray that Time’s not cruel
   and good memories won’t fade.



  Things appear better.
  it may be just illusion,
  but I’m buying it.




  Tanka haiku:

  For long term illness,
  Life on a biologic,
  Is no miracle.

   It’s a reminder of what
   might have been … and that’s enough.

  Hiding in the field,
  he overheard ev’rything …
  then figured things out.


  There’s a twilight time
  between dusk and eve’ning that
  nurtures reflection



  Dogwoods are in bloom
  around the traffic circle,
  bumper to blossom.


  Easter massacre!
  A headless choc’late bunny
  lies amidst his peeps!

–  —

  Hanging at Starbucks …
  The Algonquin Roundtable …
  Compare and contrast.


   We all have struggles,
  but is pain your burden … or
  what gives you purpose?

–   —

  Goth gals with pierced cheeks
  wander through the East Village
  ‘making a statement.’


  An island sunset,
  the sky aglow with passion …
  Why aren’t you with me?


  tanka haiku:
  Standing on the beach,
  looking at the ocean, I
  ponder Life’s journey.

   What makes me laugh, is to think
   that seagulls do the same thing.
  Too many wind chimes,
  not enough jello shots; the
  story of her life.

  He framed her photo
  in the hope that her spirit
  would never leave him.


  In the darkest night,
  there remains an ember which
  will re-light the dawn.

  A sliver of moon,
  slicing through the clouds, restless
  shadows roam the fields.


  I remain in awe
  of the lives that have touched mine;
  each brought a lesson.

  It does not add up,
  that the way to multiply,
  is through division.
  Her deepest regret,
  was that she’d let him go … and
  now he won’t come back.
  My garden pathway,
  lined with purple violets,
  absorbs all sadness.


  The weekend hunter,
  tripped on a pine cone. Even
  the dog rolled his eyes.
  He was mesmerized,
  not by her beauty, but by
  how sweetly she laughed.
  Ah, yellow daisies …
  even weeping willows will
  smile when they appear.
  Cherry blossoms bloom
  along the Potomac as
  scoundrels lie with thieves.

  As Spring emerges,
  crocuses and daffodils
  greet me while I stroll.
  As I go about
  my day, I seek out flowers
  for I crave their joy.


  Inside my small world
  are infinite galaxies
  for me to explore.

  When you’re feeling lost,
  be brave and don’t hesitate,
  in asking for help.



  How does one handle,
  all the pain and suffering?
  Focus on others.


  Nervously, he waits,
  then hears his cue, and enters,
  ‘Hail Prince!’ (sans trousers.)


  tanka haiku:

  I confess; I wore
  paisley ascots, bell-bottoms
  and nehru jackets.

    But it was the Sixties, man.
    We were all a bit crazy.

  The billowing sails,
  The churning, white-capped waters,
   grey skies at ebb tide.

  She blinked, he winked … then,
  He waited … she fainted … then,
  They shared a good laugh.


  Sprawled on an ice floe,
  you tend to forget that you’re
  heading for the falls.



  All the king’s horses,
  And all the king’s men, liked their
  egg over easy.



  Once again he tried
  running around the backyard …
  but the kite won’t fly.

  In Life, know two things;
  The dog will keep barking, and
  the train’s movin’ on.

  A remote forest,
  where towering trees shelter,
  delicate flowers.

  Moon behind the clouds,
  fields aglow in bluish light,
  predators still prowl.





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