Another Friendly Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon





Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:

On my block, cars do
their alternate do-si-do
for the street sweep

I took a taxi
which took forever and all
my folding money.

Some flowering quince
brighten up my room, while they
taunt my allergies.

An old jelly bean
found in my jacket pocket
still tastes pretty good.

Mournful elegies
echoed through the cathedral.
Loved ones laid to rest.

Eliminate stress,
by breathing deeply. Then, you
focus on … (nothing).


In a wooden shack,
on the outskirts of town, lives
his late uncle’s wife.

Will you dance with me?
Come, Let’s shake the rafters with
our mutual joy.

In a hiding place,
behind some old wainscoting,
dusty artifacts.

A sincere heart is,
more likely to change the world,
than well reasoned thoughts.


She seldom complained,
was quick with a comeback, so …
was often ignored.

He was confident,
he’d done the assignment, but …
Wrong chapters were read.

His girlfriend’s bedroom,
seemed like such a prissy place,
dainty and perfumed.


tanka haiku:

The rheumy’s office
was quite small and cramped and yet
within, whole new worlds.

   Many unfamiliar realms
   were first revealed to me there.

A wind-swept plateau,
where the sky looms large, as in
a John Ford western.

I love you so much,
but can’t claim I’ll ever know,
all you mean to me.

tanka haiku:  

When I am dreaming,
I somersault on the beach,
and dash through the surf.

   We laugh, then stroll hand in hand,
    two soul-mates who have found peace.

A toasted muffin,
bacon, juice and cantaloupe,
Sweet Sunday breakfast.

Rhythmic melodies
drift from grandmother’s bedroom:
Old 78’s.

Kids were not allowed
in grandfather’s library,
but cats wandered in.


A convent garden,
a devout mantis prays for

There was a large crowd,
lined up ’round Tompkins Square Park,
Bread line? Movie Shoot.

Lazy sunlight drifts,
through the parted lace curtains,
of the drawing room.

In a quiet room.
a book lies open on a
mahogany desk.

Grand-dad used to say,
“If you live, your time will come”,
Grandma’s never did.

 I don’t know her name,
I’ll never see her again,
Her essence haunts me.

Torn between lovers,
he was not sure what to do,
then, he beheld her…”




Scars are reminders,
That Life can be risky, but
we can, and will, heal.

Fog floats on the fields,
dew forms on the split rail fence
Rain in the forecast.


When you’re feeling lost,
be brave and don’t hesitate,
in asking for help.

How do you handle,
all the pain and suffering?
Focus on others.

Ask for help, focus
on others, Ev’ryone hurts,
ev’ryone can help.

tanka haiku:

I confess; I wore
paisley ascots, bell-bottoms
and nehru jackets.

  But it was the Sixties, man.
  We were all ‘fashion forward.’

The billowing sails,
The churning, white-capped waters,
grey skies at ebb tide.


When painting ‘still lifes’,
try not to put your elbow,
in the water cup.


While crouched underneath,
her conestoga wagon,
Kate did needlework.

Sprawled on an ice floe,
you tend to forget that you’re
heading for the falls.



Blandly defiant,
dead cars give no excuses,
they simply won’t go.


Some stars in the sky,
stopped shining eons ago.
(We’ve yet to notice.)

In an ev’ning’s field,
a scurrying mouse ignores
danger in the trees.

young boys quickly learn
the alcohol content of

vanilla extract.



A remote forest,
where towering trees shelter,
delicate flowers.




Internet access,
Isn’t there?! It isn’t fair!
Net neutrality!




Children whispering,
conspiratorial glee …
Parents … be on guard.




Breaking News … 

My haiku submission has been selected as a finalist for the New York Times Haiku Challenge. Should know in a couple of days if it made the final cut. 

Here’s my submission:

A garden pathway
lined with purple violets
absorbs all sadness.










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5 Responses to Another Friendly Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon

  1. trkingmomoe says:

    I hope you are all right. I have been dying to find out if your haiku won.

    • mrsmith2 says:

      Thanks, trkingmomoe, I’m a lot better than I was last week, that’s for sure. I hadn’t been off my biologic drug for this long since I first went on it in 2001. That is what triggered this current prolonged flareup of disease activity. I’ve been struggling, but I am adapting and I think the worst is over. It’s a shame the timing of this flareup has been so lousy, coming as it did during a usually busy time for me. But, such is Life. Thanks for your continued support. I really appreciate it.

      As for the contest, I think the NY Times is supposed to run something over the weekend with the announcement of the winners. Fingers crossed.

      • trkingmomoe says:

        Richard Day reads the New York Times. It is one of his little luxuries that he has treated himself to.besides Netfix. You might want to tell him to watch for it. It would certainly make his day. LOL…Make Day’s day. I think I made a pun.

        Why are you off your drug for this length of time? I know there are some drugs that require a drug holiday every once in a while so it will remain helpful.

        I think I am going to have to lurk awhile at Dag because EmmaZ personal insults are getting to me. I don’t know what is up with her but I am not one for a pie fight. I seem to be on her nerves.

  2. mrsmith2 says:

    I went off Remicade, which is an arthritis drug which works by suppressing a part of the immune system, at the end of December, because I had been hospitalized for 12 days at Christmas for a second serious systemic infection in 6 months. The first one hit me in June and was centered in my kidneys, which led to my two kidney stone operations. The infection in December hit two days after my Remicade infusion, so it was pretty clear that there was some connection. Such infections are one of the rare side effects of taking the drug. Anyway … after consulting with my rheumy, we decided I should go off the Remicade for a while … So I knew that going off the drug would solve one problem, I just forgot how much it would create another one. To quote Reseanne Roseannadana: “It’s always something.”

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