A More Than Pleasant Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon





Here’s this week’s heap of haikus: 




Flowery bouquets,
made the room seem less dreary.
and soaked up her tears.


There’s a twilight time
between dusk and eve’ning that
nurtures reflection.

Double haiku:


My world has shifted.
I’m now, sadly, no-one’s son.
Who will hold me now?


And so, another
Mothers’ Day will go by with
only memories..



(Happy Mothers’ Day this Sunday to all you mothers out there!)




Through fields of flowers
this iron engine still rolls;
attractive tractor.




Loose litter swirling
through the canyons of midtown;
Urban tumbleweeds.



The sign was quite clear:
“Don’t Park Horses Here”  So I
tethered my Buick.



Reluctant Winter
took its time to arrive, and
now delays Spring blooms.





The shape of her feet
were somewhat unusual;
(They point East and West.)


Against cloud-less skies,
tractor-trains of children ride
through flags of flowers




Even a black crow
can not fight the urge to stop
and smell the flowers.




double haiku:

I have a doc named

Jesse. He’s seventy-six.

Which seems odd to me.

It’s not that he’s old,

it’s just that his name makes me

think he’s much younger.





‘midst purple flowers,
a hummingbird suspended
in mid-air … awesome.





Things I saw today;
2 year olds wearing hoodies,
old men without canes.



Squirming, squealing kids,
make life a living … heaven.
Don’t they? Sure, moms know …



He grabbed the railing
when his cane hit a wet spot;
he’d started to fall.



Caught in the downpour
without an umbrella, he
stepped in a puddle.




A tangerine sky,
clouds that haunt the horizon,
lure me towards night.


tanka haiku: Those that can not deal
with their friend’s adversities,
fear their own weakness.

    But smooth sailing weakens sailors
    while stormy weather breeds strength.


double haiku:

Where are we going?
What direction will we head?
Will we stop for snacks?
I can’t believe it.
Are we there yet? You’re Kidding.
We haven’t left yet.





Windows to our souls,
eyes behold the world, but our
minds create vision.


A humid morning.
Across the street, some workers
sip coffee and smoke.



Scampering puppies,
can’t get traction on wet grass.
Bunnies hop away.



His hum-drum life had
hum-drum relationships and
even hum-drum drums.



I knock. No-one’s home.
I post a note on the door;
‘Sorry ’bout your tree.’




He had tried so hard
to always do what was right,
there was nothing left.

At the Dew Drop Inn,
the dude dropped out; then logged in,
but he soon passed out.

Deep in the forest,
patches of stippled sunlight,
warm a leaf-strewn trail.

When he needed help,
he knew who to call, and who
didn’t want to know.


Any given day,
swirling leaves will seem confused
by the winds of change.

My heart belongs to
you, my sweet, and no-one else.
Hand me the remote.


Their Pre-War building
stands in stark contrast to the
soul-less skyscrapers.



A ladybug clings
to my sleeve.  I take her to
visit my garden.



Stripped of their colors,
flowers seem like structural
wonders of nature





Quote of the Day:


“When we long for life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow
strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure.”


– Scottish clergyman P. Marshall – 1902-1949



 ( From the 2012 Best Medicine Night of Comedy event. )







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  1. trkingmomoe says:

    Reblogged this on Once Upon a Paradigm and commented:
    And here is Mr. Smith from the Haikulondeon.

  2. trkingmomoe says:

    That was fun. As always I enjoyed. I hope you are feeling better. It looks like dag is getting a up grade.

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