A Getaway Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon



Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:




Lifting off from earth,
our souls climb through the clouds to
play in the cosmos.


The moist earth gave way
to one insistent daisy,
and now, fields of them.


 A wise old man sat
amidst the rubble and smiled
at all he had learned.


This is the Future
that you dreamed about while you
sat in Study Hall.



double haiku:

Swimming with the tide
may take you into oceans
of profound regret.
Lying on the beach,
however, may burn your hide,
so ya takes your choice.


Do not regret all
the silliness of youth, be
proud you overcame it.





Purgatory? The
hell of it is, you can’t get
heavenly coffee.





A rainy morning,
sipping coffee and reading …
the dog nuzzles me.


Somewhere in the deep
recesses of my brain sleep
forgotten haikus.





Siamese twins are
conjoined. Why are Siamese
kittens just confused?



Watching the day fade,
sensing a cooler breeze, I
zip up my jacket.


 tanka haiku:
The 96th Street
ramp to the West Side Highway;
is my urban joy.
   A tree-lined curved underpass
   with a view of the Hudson.


a haiku quintet:


Life on the frontier
was not easy for Patience,
a young pioneer.


Crouching underneath,
Conestoga wagons, she
did her needlework.


Riding on buckboards
for long afternoons she would
do her homework.


She reached Montana
at the age of eight, and could
read and write … and sew.


Prairie adventures
would settle into quiet




He recalled fondly
how, one rainy afternoon,
they ‘shared’ an awning.



Sneaking through the dell,
he followed a dried creek bed
and made his escape.



Pretty little birds
clinging to branches, swaying
in the morning breeze.




I do much wonder …
I also do much yearn and
dream of tomorrow.




He strolled along the
back roads, with his mandolin,
singin’ for suppers.



Too many wind chimes,
not enough jello shots; the
story of his life.





A sliver of moon,
slicing through the clouds, restless
shadows roam the fields.





Despite commitments
and their vows of devotion,
Love had other plans.





The bejeweled collar
he wears, undercuts his claim
he desires freedom.



In this worldly realm,
folks often mistake kindness
for passivity.




An over-dose of
an antidote, will become
a poison itself.



On the road of Life,
focus on what drives your heart,
not the car you’re in.




She seemed unaware
her stunning figure put the
men in an uproar.


On some distant shore,
a long time ago, we were,
our ancestor’s dream.


An unexpected
infatuation can help
mend a broken heart.



As the dawn breaks, a
boat with peeling paint, drifts through
the icy water.




In a distant land,
a heart you’ll never meet, beats
to the same rhythm.






How easily the
wheel of feelings turns,  taking
us to new places.




All angry tears and
Life’s frustrations dissipate
when children need us.





A dad’s misery
dissolves at hearing joyful
news from his children.


It’s entre-nous, just
between you and me, right? … ( And
those few that can read. )  




The Spondylitis Association of America’s website, www.Spondylitis.org, has been honored by Pacific Medical Training (PMT) with their “Best of Medical Nonprofit Sites” Award.



And one week from tonight …


Enjoy the three-day Memorial Day weekend!




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