A Laugh-Filled Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon


Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:

Oh what sadness has
risen in me. it makes my
heart the heavier.


Maya Angelou
told me why the caged bird sings;
How her words could soar!

( RIP – Maya Angelou )


Life may intrude on
well-crafted scenarios,
don’t write them in ink.



Live a life of love,
look to better angels, carve
your own walking stick.


Veterans deserve
more than empty rhetoric;
we owe them their lives.



An old jelly bean
found in my jacket pocket
still tastes pretty good.

Daddy’s fingers wagged
and wiggled, she just giggled.
‘Do it again … Pleeeeease!’

An incoming tide,
coral clouds at sunrise … all
my hopes are reborn.

Edges of her path
were frayed, for she’d not always
kept within the lines.

Today may be rough
tomorrow may be silken …
We will survive both.

Slowly I arose
squinting to see the peaches
‘neath the bamboo tree.

Across the river,
a past I recall only
in sepia tones.

(Photo taken while access-a-riding this week.)


When poets can twirl
literary lariats,
they’re soon laureates.



haiku: What do you say when
more children are killed by guns?


As the dawn breaks, a
boat with peeling paint, drifts through
the icy water.



 In the darkest night,
there remains an ember which
will re-light each dawn.



 I remain in awe
of the lives that have touched mine;
each brought a lesson.





Almost unnoticed,
beyond the tangled branches;
‘Old Glory’ still flew.




 In my fitful sleep,
memories long forgotten,
leap to confront me.



When you walk through a
storm, hold your head up high … The
rain will look like tears.





Youth is insistent,
while Old Age negotiates;
Neither accepts well.




of Life’s complexities makes
easy answers rare.


Enjoying the shade,
of a leafy maple tree;
ladybugs and me.



When his heart’s desire
bitch-slapped his raison d’être,
he felt quite confused.



The world passes by.
I look out my window and
imagine stories.


Tucked in his wallet
was a photo from his youth
of a secret love.



We’re not defined by
what we have lost, but by what
we do with what’s left.



Mysteries end, but
questions aren’t always answered;
the moon hides in clouds.



tanka haiku:

When our old dog died,
There was no reason for us
to keep his chew toys.

But we did. And even now
they lie on the floor … hoping.

Photographed at age 103 … in 1852!

” … the only photographed Revolutionary War veteran … (He) served under George Washington and crossed the Delaware River to Valley Forge.”

He was quite old when
photography was still young
His stare cuts through time.




He’s still a bit numb,
sitting in their bedroom with
her empty closet.

I search for a way
to connect to the world, and
if I’m lucky, you.


A tall vase full of
perky yellow daffodils
assuages anger.


When you think of friends,
round their rough edges, and put
smiles on their faces.





 tanka haiku:

Why defy the wind?
Or swim against the tide? Why
make things so damned hard?

There’s but one answer to this …
It is where I am going.


Thoughts while waiting for Access-a-Ride:



The other day, I watched a kindergarten teacher lead

a line of small children across

Broadway (going East to West.)

Then, moments later,

I saw another teacher lead another

line that crossed 108th Street (North to South,)

And I thought …

Is New York being stitched into a lattice of little ones … ?!



The Best Medicine Night of Comedy event is tonight!  YIPPEE!!

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