Another Typical Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon




Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:



A Times Square haiku quintet: 


The statue of George M. Cohan in Times Square before the glut overwhelmed it.

Riding through Times Square
greatly saddens me. Have we
lost all perspective?



Times Square’s totally
out of proportion.  People
are overwhelmed.


Buildings now loom like
sideways Towers of Babel.
invading ALL space.



George M. Cohan hides
‘neath construction scaffolds. “The
Palace” under seige.


Alas, just one word

can describe this venue now;





Pies on windowsills
send aromas wafting through
the nearby schoolyard.




On her front porch swing,
she would often be courted,
by the boy next door.



fog floats o’er the field,
dew forms on the split rail fence.
A fresh new morning.



We hope for rainbows
to sweep across the sky when
the storm has ended.



May each day dawn with
no regrets for yesterday,
nor phone calls to make.




double haiku:

In the barber’s chairs,
boys squirm and fidget … while their
dads peruse Playboys.
O’er the clippers buzz,
old guys argue politics …
kids suck lollipops.




On a dock in Maine,
he watched as the lobsters were
removed from their traps.





Hampered by the rain,
we still managed to play a
full set of tennis.



Finding peace-makers
is never as easy as
finding warriors.




A leaf-less tree frames
a lonely farm-house in the
middle of nowhere.



What if we’re all cogs
in a huge, complex machine,
just needing to mesh?






The fabric of Life;
From order to chaos, we
slowly unravel.




His pulse would quicken
each time she entered the room.
Not love.  She brought beer.





Thoughts, planted wisely,
blossom in reluctant minds,
when the time is right.




Deer in the headlights!
Brakes slam!  Tires squeal!   Seat belts grab!
Adrenaline rush!





Children whispering,
conspiratorial glee …
Parents … be wary.




The shade of an elm,
passes through my small garden,
as dusk approaches.



Edges of my path
have frayed, for I’ve not always
kept within the lines.





If you syncopate
a fascinatin’ rhythm,
will you strike a chord?




As the clouds disperse
Stars twinkle in the night sky
My heart leads me home.



Then, without warning,
trucks collide on the corner
Police cars converge.



A stone partition
does not stop my neighbor’s dog
from barking at me.




The look in her eyes
was enough to melt his heart …
and his tupperware.




Walking through meadows
just before sunrise, is worth
some wet trouser cuffs.



Strolling through the park,
I start to feel once again,
imbued by nature.




tanka haiku:

Ev’ry circumstance
is an opportunity
to learn and to grow.

Do not shrink in fear, step up
to the plate and swing away!



double haiku:
The screen door slams shut.
An angry young man runs to
his car and ‘peels out.’

A young girl watches
from the window and prays that
her sadness will end.



Remember; Thousands
of things will go RIGHT for you,
ev’ry single day.

There is a structure
to all things, and a context
to fence it all in.


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