A Blue-Skied Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon




Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:



Woody Guthrie said
that his guitar “kills fascists.”
Wish I had me one.

(Happy would-have-been 102nd birthday this week to Woody Guthrie.)





Sometimes I see things …
Sometimes I see in things … that
Art is ev’rywhere.


(Left:) Marcel Duchamp’s The Large Glass
(Right:) the sidewalk in front of my apt. building.



On an old building,
a shadow of an ad makes
me think of Banksy.

(Columbus Avenue and 107th St. NYC)


Can we define a
swallow that is not swallowed
as a bird preserve?


When you look at Life
from diff’rent angles, points of
view turn upside down.


(Photograph courtesy of Kristina Rebelo)



The much less optioned
‘mitigated disaster’
will still trash the place.



double haiku:


Waiting, after work
for access-a-ride, leaning
against the building.


Will they ever come?
Will it start to rain?  Will I
ever give up hope?



The truck went faster
clearly due to its streamlined
art-deco design.


(Photograph courtesy of Kristina Rebelo)



My old neighborhood
has become gentrified.  I
left it just in time.



Swirling rain pelts me.
I dash for shelter under
a leafy oak tree.



A sincere heart is,
more likely to change the world,
than organized plans.



Their schemes fail, but vamp
and no-good-nik agree; “Must
keel moose an’ squirrel!!”


She has a great smile,
which can send him to the moon.
So, he makes her laugh.



old grist mill at river’s edge
once fed a small town.



What’s clearly defined,
leave alone. What’s blurry at
the edges, let be.



Who stares back at you
when you look in the mirror?
Is it friend or foe?



Behind the pool hall,
drunken teens sit quietly,
getting their first tats.



double haiku:


This physical realm,
lets spiritual beings,
experience pain.
Live and you’ll know pain;
All lessons in Life derive
from this simple fact.



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