Thursday Night Under the Stars at the Haikulodeon

This week’s heap of haikus is dedicated to Love … and to my lovely grand-niece, Jessica and her intended, Kyle, who are having their engagement party this Saturday.   Since I am making the trip to Pennsylvania to be with them, I will be traveling most of the afternoon tomorrow, which is why this week’s heap of haikus is being posted a little earlier than usual.

double haiku:

My dear Jessica,
I’m so happy that you have
found your one true love.

Kyle, I wish you both
happiness and a life filled
with sweet adventures.

There is a sweetness
that lives inside lover’s eyes
and melts hearts away.

I am all aswirl,
Y’see, I’ve met a girl and
I’m dizzy from love.

Who would have guessed that
my one true love would be found
in my own backyard?

A dagger as sharp
as a lover’s rebuke has
not been invented.

Sitting quietly,
a Beatles tune in my head,
I yearn for lost loves.

How her heart would ache
in the middle of the night …
yet, be healed by dawn.

Two hearts beat as one …
which begs the question; How high
is their blood pressure?

When my love’s away,
I sit and stir my soup and
listen to sad songs.

Remembering love
is a journey through the soul
that restores the heart.

On a shady lane,
there lives a lonely girl that
dreams of love fulfilled.

A moonlit whisper,
two lovers in silhouette;
urgent affection.

Tell me your secrets
and my heart will be yours.  True
love will last forever.

When she walked away,
he brought his hands to his face
to hold in his dreams.

My heart imagines
your passionate love for me,
How long must I dream?

Oh my dear sweet love,
when you’re near me, my heart leaps
and I’m filled with joy!

Though fragile hearts need
whispered blessings, they also
need a steady hand.

A downtown cafe …
lovers cuddle in a booth,
and share their dessert.

Will you dance with me?
Come, Let’s shake the rafters with
our mutual joy.

I love you so much,
but can’t claim to ever know,
all you mean to me.

tanka haiku: 

When I am dreaming,
I somersault on the beach,
and dash through the surf.

We laugh, then stroll hand in hand,
two soul-mates who have found peace.

Then she placed her hand,
gently on his shoulder, as
he broke down and sobbed.

He recalls fondly
how one rainy afternoon
they ‘shared’ an awning.

Who and what you are,
your strengths and your weaknesses
merge when you’re in Love.

Broken hearts are warmed,
by the caring of true friends.
Warmth triggers mending.

I can not tell you
how deep’s the ache in my soul …
but, thank God, you know.

Can we ever let
Love truly know our hearts? Must
shadows’ hints suffice?

I yearn for Spring, when
lilacs in the front yard bloom,
eager hearts go wild.

Mindful of her past,
he goes out of his way to
see she is not hurt.

When I’m all alone,
in my mind and in my heart,
you reverberate.

double haiku:

She steps off the bus,
And his heart begins to pound,
he’s missed her so much.

The drab bus station’s,
soon illuminated by,
the glow of their love.

She entered, wearing
a sweatshirt and dungarees.
She left him breathless.

Our paths never crossed,
Alas, they only entwined …
Sad, we side-stepped love.

She whispered to him,
‘I’ll fulfill all your dreams …’, But
he’d dreamt of Pirates.

An angel’s blessing,
cleanses souls and awakens
hearts to receive love.

He’s very Lucky;
he married her before she
found out that he snored.

Oh, what would I do
if you were not beside me?
Who would hold my hand?

The darkest corner
of my being, still can not
forget your sweet love.

He ordered flowers
to be sent to his girlfriend
for he knew she knew.

He had come to grips
with his own mortality,
then, he found true love.

She remembers how
he used to make her laugh, but
she can’t recall why.

They said, ‘He’s a fool’
But that intrigued her, because …
she felt foolish too.

I think he enjoyed
being silly the most when
she was serious.

On the bus ride home,
he reached into his pocket,
and found her love note.

Wiping away tears,
he had to take a deep breath.
Overwhelming love.

Quietly they slept,
in a field of bluebonnets;
his head in her lap.

He whispers her name,
as he lies in bed at night,
so his dreams find her.

Each day, he walked through
his garden picking flowers
to place at her feet.

In the swirls of clouds,
where we imagine heaven,
floats both love and hope.

Faded love letters,
dried flowers pressed in a book …
Evidence l’amour.

Though sealed with a kiss,
her love letter was opened
with some bitter tears.

tanka haiku:

Yes, you know my heart,
For we are kindred spirits,
Walking the same path.

But stay wary, my friend, for
Paths, like lover’s hearts, may turn.

At the High School dance,
he held his date so close, it
crushed his boutonniere.

A poet said; ‘I
carry your heart in my heart.’
and I do, my love.

My eyes glaze over;
I’m lost in a better past,
having fun with you.

Moon behind the clouds,
dew forms on the meadow grass,
I’ll see you again.

Since the day we met,
the creases from your smile,
are still in my eyes.

T’was love at first sight,
First, he tickled her fancy,
And then, so much more.

A measured response
may linger in the mind, but
never in the heart.

tanka haiku:

sitting on her desk,
is a modest vase with a
beautiful red rose.

No one saw who put it there,
but one heart yearned to tell her.

Whispers in the night,
giggling under the sheets,
love’s playful embrace.

Do you remember
our first date? Your dad drove us
to the junior prom.

Sipping his coffee,
he glances at the paper,
but still thinks of her.

She used her giggle
to attract young men, and her
savvy to keep them.

Friday nights, a line
forms at the lover’s leap … for
the one o’clock jump.

Torn between lovers,
he was not sure what to do,
then, he beheld her…

By a waterfall,
The lovers had a picnic.
Ev’rything got wet.


She had a tattoo,
of a rose on her forearm
and the phrase, ‘Love Stinks’

 Sometimes in my dreams,
I meet you in Times Square and
we are “us” again.


Crank the Victrola,
clear away the rugs and give
the maid the night off!

My best gal and I
danced and smooched as the band played
‘The Sugarfoot Strut.’

tanka haiku:

Perusing the hall,
he picked out a girl and tried
to make eye contact.

She acted very shy, and
so … slowly … drew him to her.

A couple cuddles
outside of the Guggenheim,
then he hails a cab.

Aggravating man,
infuriating woman;
Act Three, they’re in love.

Though she wished to be
the love of his life, her heart
could yearn no longer.

She has a great smile,
which can send him to the moon.
So, he makes her laugh.

double haiku:

Her heart wept when she
found some old love letters and
forgot who wrote them.

The letters revealed
the seeds of her broken heart
and now, the harvest.

I don’t know her name,
I’ll never see her again …
Her fragrance lingers.

His girlfriend’s bedroom,
seemed like such a prissy place;
dainty and perfumed.

I am lost today.
Without you to guide me, I
can’t make sense of things.

In a distant land,
a heart you’ll never meet, beats
to the same rhythm.

Romantic yearnings
can send us on long quests to
find our true love’s heart.

In my dreams last night,
I ran through fields of clover …
and there, I found you.

He was mesmerized,
not by her beauty, but by
how sweetly she laughed.
On the bus ride home,
she reached into her pocket,
and found his love note.

She smiled at him and
for one brief moment they both
felt the world was safe.


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