A Flimsy Excuse for a Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon


Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:

tanka haiku:

Try to retain the
ability to express
delirious joy.

    Any moment, happiness
could spring from your

When the universe
conspires to foil your plans,
don’t bitch, make new plans.

haiku quintet:

Forced to make choices,
Ramona’s voices told her
t’was best to be wed.

Now, they fit snugly,
their bodies melt into one;
their love, just oozes.

There is a comfort
that blesses lovers after
nearly sixty years.

They’re like old shoes, whose
leather has grown supple ‘cuz
they’re worn ev’ry day.

Only Love will last
beyond the moon and stars … so
keep your hand in mine.

(Happy 59th Wedding Anniversary, Ramona!!    Here’s to many happy years to come!)

(a haiku quintet:)
The ‘boys’ had many
nicknames while workin’ the streets;
Kebab and Gyro,

Were two of them, but
Souvlaki Sue and Hortense,
would make them famous.

Posing as “trannies”
was not their idea of fun …
then they met, Angel.

And Angel showed them
a world they had never known,
and arrests were made.

Convictions, of course,
were harder,  but you knew who
got it in the end.

Candle-lit cabin
on a ship that sails the seas,
studying the maps.

For his childhood town,
he chose Piscataway … cuz
he hated Mahwah.

Debating a duck
ain’t easy, and depends what
topic’s on the bill.

The shrinking distance
‘tween my life and my dreams … It’s
just a-whirled away.

She’d prove, she said, her
state of emergency … by
slowly emerging.


To remember love
is to journey through the soul
and restore the heart.

A tall glass of juice,
is no substitute for a
big mug of coffee.

double haiku:

Our want, rather than
need. is our intentional

Our need, rather than
our want, is the extent of
our determining.

Charms of finches, and
murders of crows … memories
of grey elephants.

That was inspired by hearing my Spondy friend Fee’s song entitled Murder of Crows:

Life may intrude on
well-crafted scenarios,
never write in ink.

Slowly I arose
squinting to see the peaches
‘neath the bamboo tree.

Storming the Bastille;
not something that you want to
lose your head over.

(Happy Bastille Day – July 14th!)

When kids are forced to
sing TO their supper, sometimes
noses get messy.

(Photo courtesy Kristina Rebelo)

It was a new look
for the British embassy …
and a lot more fun!

(Photo courtesy Kristina Rebelo)

Architecture that
inspired awe surrounded us,
and we tore it down.

(The old Penn Station, 1936. Photo by Berenice Abbott.)


Sneaking through the dell,
he followed a dried creek bed
and made his escape.

Pretty little birds
clinging to branches, swaying
in the morning breeze.

I do much wonder …
I also do much yearn and
dream of tomorrow.

An over-dose of
an antidote, will become
a poison itself.

On the road of Life,
focus on what drives your heart,
not the car you’re in.

She seemed unaware
her stunning figure put the
guys in an uproar.

After harvesting
the amber waves of grain, what
remained were flowers.

Sometimes what we think
are flaws are, in fact, strengths when
in the right context.

Crushing a spirit
through humiliation is
what breeds most evil.

A ladybug clings
to my sleeve.  I give her a
ride to my garden.

double haiku:

Elegant gestures,
are sometimes ways of easing
tense relations … but,

your ‘middle finger
’ain’t no elegant gesture.
Know what I’m sayin’?

Before he mothered
us, he tried to play a bike.
Zappa for the Schwinn …

(March 4, 1963 … The Steve Allen Show –  Guest: An unknown and clean-cut Frank Zappa plays a bicycle.)

The future, said the
gypsy, held great things … to her,
that meant reading palms.

To start the music,
you must cover stops.  Pick up
your stone flute and blow.

And Hope shall lead them,
it shines through darkness … besides,
who else knows the way?


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