A Wholly Papal Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon

Here’s this week’s heap of haikus: 

It is a new day,
and fresh possibilities
spread across the sky.

(Photo courtesy of my neighbor, David Thompson)

double Papal-ku:

A scene seldom seen:
Boehner and Biden crying
about the same thing.

(The short life-span of
a joke … wrote it yesterday
Boenher quits today.)

Ev’ry day will end
subtly surrendering
as the sun retreats.

(photo courtesy Kristina Rebelo) 

Beach balls patiently
wait, as the low-rider chevy
heads for the levy.

(photo courtesy Kristina Rebelo) 

The sea gulls gathered
to watch the little girl teach
them how to find fish.

(photo courtesy Kristina Rebelo) 

At Disneyland, there’s
a room you can visit when
you’re not “tall enough”

I spent lots of time
when I first went to college,
working on my scowl.

( Me in 1970. )

His fancy footwork
often gets him out of binds,
but his ankles hurt.

Sitting ‘midst the white
bougainvilleas, Emily
read a Chekhov play.

Delicious solitude” 1909 by Frank Bramley (1857-1915)


What lies beyond the
blue horizon? Isn’t it
more blue horizon?

Let us elevate,
our dialogue and our lives …
eschew the mundane

After lunch we took
a leisurely nap, before
getting back to work.

John Singer Sargent (1856–1925) | Group with Parasols – 1904

Flower break … I couldn’t think of a haiku for this flower … Any suggestions?

Puddles ripple at
the edge of a lonely street.
Intermittent rain.

A tangle of trees
may clutter the morning sky
but happily so.

(Photo courtesy of Me.)

If you only stand
facing West, than nothing will
ever dawn on you.

The green glow of night,
a downtown drenched in fog, an
escape by subway

( NYC City Hall – 1907 )

Over a basin
a woman washes away
evidence l’amour.

(Painting by Mary Cassatt)

Today’s needs demand
tomorrow’s actions, minus
yesterday’s complaints.

 A couple cuddles
outside of the Guggenheim,
then he hails a cab.

His morals could sway
like willows in the breeze, yet
his heart stayed grounded.


Though she wished to be
the love of his life, her heart
could yearn no longer.

We did not hear the
cop walk up behind us while
we were making out.

wise advice-ku:

When asking for a
knuckle sandwich, do not add, ” …
and hold the mayo.”

Please friend, hold my hand.
I’m a stranger here, and don’t
know my way around.

Twilight emerges
putting this long day to bed,
releasing our dreams.

Though heart’s desires
are not always met, they greet
our souls at sundown.

Martini’s shaken
and not stirred, makes olives bounce
and Bond, James Bond, drunk.

The room was darkened,
The drapes were all tightly shut
as his spirit ebbed.

tanka haiku:

Frantically, she searched
through every drawer and cabinet,
for her missing blouse.

(It’s in the dirty laundry;
worn on that awful blind date.)

We wince, we shudder,
we bite our lip. We endure.
Mere pain won’t stop us.

The Surf patrol stood
ready … waiting … and waiting
but the sea was calm

(photo courtesy Kristina Rebelo) 

Good composition
sometimes will require that
you chop down a tree.

Caspar David Friedrich (1774–1840) – Two Men Contemplating the Moon

My Aunt and my mom,
on the shore of Lake Erie …
enjoy the warm sun.

The photo is from the Summer of 1958 and is of my mom, Betty (on the right) and my father’s older sister, Marion.  The photo was taken at Marion and her husband’s vacation house on the shore of Lake Erie. That was the same vacation trip during which 7 1/2 year old me, found a large Mussel in the shallow water of Lake Erie and decided to take it home in a jar of water.  Although I poked holes in the top of the jar, the mussel survived only about a day of the car ride back from Ohio to Long Island and then began to smell up the backseat of the car where Vicki and I were sitting. It didn’t take much convincing by my sister of the silliness of my idea to keep the mussel as a pet … So, we unceremoniously threw away the mussel, (still in the jar) , at the next rest stop on the Turnpike.  I used to wonder what the person cleaning the rest stop thought when they found a dead mussel in a jar of water … but I imagine that’s a whole other story.


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