A Lovelorn Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon

Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:

Although she’ll always
have lots of “splainin'” to do,
we still love lucy.

(64 years ago this week, the first episode of I Love Lucy was aired.)

Silly Ogden Nash homage-ku:

Shoes need cobblin’
that’s why he’s hobblin’, (and
sadly), sobblin’ …

tanka haiku:

Perusing the hall,
he picked out a girl and tried
to make eye contact.

At first, she acted shy … then,
she slowly … drew him to her.

Half opened window …
A world on each side … Do you
look in or stare out?

tanka haiku:

The old weathered barn
still advertises Mail Pouch
chewing tobacco.

Irony? The old farmer’s
long dead – cancer of the gums.

Those little evils
buried in our souls, may smile,
in spite of themselve


Short stack of pancakes,
coffee on the side … Eat. Drink.
Pay the tab and go.

Fitful nights will end.
Sleep will overtake sadness.
Things will be alright.

There are times when no
-words will suffice, we just need
to look at flowers.

His hopes had been dashed,
his dreams all surrendered … The
tide pulls at his feet.

Where-ever I roam
I keep the thought in my head,
that I might see you.

A quartet of haikus:

After all these years,
I still haunt the lost and found,
looking for my life.

I still ride the train,
in hope the next station will
be where I’ll find home.

I cross bridges knowing
I can not wash away all
the sins of my life.

I am stuck in time
living out a meager life
extracting fool’s gold.

To live without love
is to whisper to angels
and to be ignored.

Footprints on the beach …
When I could not go on, God
drove me in his jeep.

(Photograph courtesy of Kristina Rebelo)

This’ll float your boat;
Naked Gondoliers is what
makes Venetians blind.

An incoming tide,
coral clouds at sunrise … all
our Hopes are reborn.

The arrondissement
was seven … I think. The view?

A doormat thrown in
the trashcan has probably
worn out its welcome.

They say that I am
hopelessly optimistic …
I just hope they’re right.

tanka haiku:

I wanted her so …
but I did not get her.  I
got this life instead.

   I should be grateful, and yet …
all I have is loneliness.

Fog on the shore road.
A man on a bicycle
appears lost in thought.

Love again denied,
forever unrequited,
hope’s on a bender.

The lush foliage
of autumn, clings to trees like
lots of Seurat’s dots.

Bleeding hearts mixed with
bloody ignorance will
make a mess of things.


Mortally wounded,
he nevertheless tried to
remain positive.

 tanka haiku:

From the cab of his
pickup, he could see grey smoke
rise from the chimney.

It was nearly sunrise and
he could not wait for coffee.

In the corner sat
a haunted piano, which
played only lost chords.

We drove through the night
to see the fall foliage
mirrored in the lake.

a lonely road weaves
through a dark forest. My soul
must travel down it.

He kept hoping that
planetary alignments
would bring him good luck.

Rivers of knowledge
seldom flood those reluctant
to wade through the creek.

if / then-ku #1:
Ship builders build ships,
shoemakers make shoes … washer
women make washers?

if / then-ku #2:
If the sky is blue,
and the grass always greener,
more books should be red.

Won’t you have some tea?
I’ll sit here eating biscuits
watching boats pass by.

James Tissot (French, 1836–1902) | Tea | 1872

Collapsed in a heap,
and yet … I watch warily
as the cat stalks me.

“The Green Cushion” ca.1895 by Irving Ramsey Wiles (1861-1948)

His pulse would quicken
each time she entered the room …
Why not, she brought beer.

His trousers were gone …
her dress hung on a flagpole …
That was some party.

Hiking down hillsides,
ground uneven ‘neath my feet.
My new slant on Life.

Carefully follow
that path through the irises …
serenity waits.

He once walked two miles
through the wind and pouring rain
just to stroke her face.

Too many mornings
pretending I reach for you.
(Love always feels real.)

(From the Stephen Sondheim musical, Follies;  Too Many Mornings.)

I think about you
all the time. night. day. it’s like
I’m losing my mind.

(From the Stephen Sondheim musical, Follies;  Losing My Mind.)

If I laugh and dance
about how much I love you
maybe you’ll need me.

Torches throw shadows
on dreary castle walls … That
mob wants Frankenstein!

I’ve got to have you
now that you have told me that
you really don’t care.

And now, for this week’s challenge:

Post your haiku based on this photo in the Comments section under the title: “I Do-the-Haiku!”)

(Photograph from the film, “Sullivan’s Travels”)

Your love’s not a lie?
Then how can you leave me? ‘We’ll
always have Paris.’

(Photograph from the final scene of Casablanca)


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