A Seriousless and Sillyful Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon

Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:

The present now past.
Tomorrow now yesterday.
Back to the future.

(In honor of yesterday being “Back to the Future Day”  (October 21, 2015), here’s Chet Atkins:)

Jidai Matsuri
The festival of the ages
honors Kyoto.

( October 21 is the festival of Jidai Matsuri, which commemorates the founding of Kyoto. )

I once had a girl
and I did think it good ‘cuz
this Norwegian would.

( Fifty years ago this week, the Beatles recorded Norwegian Wood. )

I’m getting dizzy
from seeing the art in a
descending circle.

(Happy 56th anniversary to the Guggenheim museum in NYC!)

“Okay, let’s begin.
Insertez-vous tab A?!  Damn!
The plans are in FRENCH!”

We stacked the firewood
then trudged through the mud to the
hen-house to get eggs.

double haiku:
Though Justice is blind,
the all-seeing eye takes note
of our transgressions.

Give glory to God
in all you do or speak, keep
His word within reach.

Blind Justice-ku:

Blind also means a
place from which you can shoot ducks.
Mallard lives matter.

Stuck inside mobile?
call Alexander Calder
and he’ll get you out.

( Thanks DD, for posting this song last week. )

triple haiku:
My life has meaning.
I’m here to make you laugh
It gives me purpose.

No sarcasm meant.
I fail in so many ways
by many measures.

But one thing I know
It gives me joy to share laughs
That’s what Life’s about.

Walking down the street
I’m inspired by reflections
of America.

( Photo taken with my cell phone the other day on West 107th St. in NYC.  )

We’d be out of luck
if amoebas got stuck in
primordial muck.
You’ve fought long enough,
You may put your sword down now
and rest, simply rest.

She entered, wearing
a sweatshirt and dungarees
which left him breathless


Lately, more strangers
that I meet on the street are
calling me, “Poppy.”

An empty vase sits
on a cluttered office desk
waiting for flowers.

Sadly, it seems while
she was pinching pennies, he
was pinching barmaids.

Courtesan and muse,
she stayed unemotional …
(though often tickled.)

Double haiku:

In a sleepy town,
off the beaten path, lived a
man who knew nothing.

He was fed by cows,
carried by horses and was
admired by dogs.

You don’t always know,
When you have stepped from a field,
Into a meadow.


If you choose to use
a magnifying glass, know
that you will find flaws.

When you have a lot
that’s on your mind, let your day
begin quietly.

None shall ever know
private failures we endure …
unless we succeed.

Her vichyssoise was
so cold, the potatoes wore
napkins to keep warm.

Red leaves on roses,
and whiskey on kittens?!! THOSE
are your fav’rite things?

It’s time for another installment of “You Do the Haiku!”

Submit your haiku for this painting in the Comments section ...


rain-soaked city streets,
the glare of flashing neon
blinds the private eye.

double haiku:

We struggle, at times,
remembering our loved ones,
but vow, they won’t fade.

So, the old stories, though
familiar, are re-told, to
refresh our spirits.


Baseball excitement
has taken over our town.
Strangers shout: “Go Mets!”

Yearning for peaches,
he settled for nectarines …
and hoped for the best.

She hurried to work,
dodging buses and trollies …
A “new woman’s” stride.

( Fifth Avenue NYC circa 1910 )

Sitting in my yard,
watching the moon peeking out,
from behind storm clouds.

There are times when the
most expedient thing is
to just carry on.

(1973: Former Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau carrying current Prime Minister Trudeau to an important meeting.)


double haiku:
He sees kids at play
and represses sadness at
not having children.

Sitting in the park,
he looks at ducks and swallows,
wishing he could fly.

She laughed wickedly.
Such a chill went up his spine,
that he sneezed ice cubes.

We anxiously wait
to become our own persons,
then try to fit in.


Dark side of the moon;
where they keep the cheese … and the
light sensitive cows.

Though fragile hearts need
whispered blessings, they also
need a steady hand.


tanka haiku:  

Sad days are ahead.
They can not be avoided.
We must live through them.

We’ll get to the other side,
through faith, hope and endurance.

She gets lost in books,
often losing track of time …
and what year it is.

 tanka haiku:

A man with a limp
quietly whistles on his
way to the bus stop.
His halting steps belie the
music he hears in his head.

Indulge your passion.
It’s often what drives you to
exceed your limits.


Sometimes an echo
from a life you left behind,
catches up to you.

Success always stands
on the shoulders of failure.
Please don’t wear spiked heels.

Who have you steadied?
Whose heart have you opened? Whose
dreams have you unleashed?

Looking down from Space,
all the clouds are upside down …
making earth, heaven.

Tanka haiku ala Bob Hope:

I wanna tell ya,
that Pain is really something ..
How about that pain?

Pain got so bad, Les Brown had
to admit he was More Blue.

I’m down on my knees
Tell me what I want to hear …
How do I get up?

double clown-kus:

He wore funny shoes
because he had funny feet.
So why funny pants?
How sweaty was he?
That clown was so sweaty that
the seltzer sprayed him.

If you see the world
as humorless, you’ll never
understand the joke.



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