A Primarily Trump Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon



Here’s this place for Politics’s weekly heap of haikus:




He is short-fingered
and a Vulgarian … The
Odious Don Drumpf.




Such joy lights Trump’s face
when  he sits in the board room
And he says, “you’re fired.”




Drumpf Bible-ku:

Two Corinthians
walk into a leather bar …
Cite Chapter and Verse.

( Alternate 3rd line:  Gave New Testament. )




A corrupt liar
and an egomaniac …
Oh … and Narcissist.




Trump leads all the polls,
Marco, Ted and Donald prove
that people are strange.

Ring the temple bell,
warning all the villagers
Drumpf is presumptive!






Trump the outsider,
Little Marco, lyin’ Ted,
Mexican Standoff.



Endorsements from the
KKK, can’t be be be
a good good good thing

Though Cruz took Texas
Rubio won’t take a powder or
Florida either.










Cruz and Rubio
( plus Kasich ) fight The Donald,
but they’ve all been Trumped.





The Lads were blessed with
a genius creative elf …
Thank you George Martin.






Watching the debate
was like watching milk curdle …
just pray for yogurt.










Java Jive, don’t keep
me waitin’, drip is quicker
than percolatin’ …


Late-Night Java Jive
Take a gulp on the wild side …
Decadent rebel!







Back in the day, you
could easily find a bar
In the East Village.





I remain in awe
of the lives that have touched mine.
Each brought a lesson.
In a storefront church,
a young girl began to sing,
and the angels wept.
He was mesmerized
by her height, her beauty and
how sweetly she laughed.






Will you ever wake?
Or will you dream forever?
Will you ever know?
Pairs of well-worn shoes
indicate unsatisfied


Quintessential Blues;
I got my mojo workin’,
Just don’t work on you.”

(Who knew Muddy Waters wrote haiku?)


Bright sunshine, warm temps,
On Amsterdam Avenue,
Swerving skateboarders.



If you find yourself,
Whistling in a dark alley,
Pick a scary tune.





Waiting patiently
for the next train to New York,
I read the paper.





Up hills and down dales,
I expand my horizons …
aided by sore feet.






A wink to Winter,
a nod to the coming Spring.
I plan my garden.




haiku quintet:


Dozens of people,
walked right past something wondrous
and did not notice.

A bird, with a large
square ‘bread crumb’ in its beak,
ignored us all, and

kept pecking at the
chip, then picking it up and,
dropping it to break it.

I watched as it kept
trying … Determination
was not rewarded.

And then, it flew off,
plastic square still in its beak,
Hungry and stubborn.






 The sun was stymied,
but blue skies infused the clouds,
a dark hope prevailed.






 In my solitude,
I can reach inside my self
and draw out my thoughts.



Humor is a salve
that can heal many wounds and
lift up hearts and souls.






 Don’t look down on the
simple joys; they allow us
to keep looking up.






Cynicism is
easy, Optimism hard.
The sky remains blue.






Quiet young ladies
sit in Starbucks and “like” their
own Facebook comments.









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  1. trkingmomoe says:

    Reblogged this on Once Upon a Paradigm and commented:
    Enjoy. Got to have some haiku.

  2. trkingmomoe says:

    LisB has started back up Once Upon a Paradigm. I added you.

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