Coming and Going on a Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon


Here’s this week’s heap of haikus … some of which include one line as a palindrome.
Others don’t.  This was a bit harder assignment than I imagined.

Happy April Fools’ Day!


haiku quartet:
Garden of Eden …
Intros went something like this:
Madam I’m Adam
“Well, hello, kind sir.
I’m Eve. Wanna eat apples?
Hey, wait, who is she?” 
“Hello, I’m Lillith
I came for alimony.”
“Don’t fret, she’s my ‘ex’ …
Right. But from now on …
I don’t pose for nude pictures.
Draw no Eve, onward.
The Pirate’s agent
also handles chainsaw flicks …
“Per swash? oh, saws rep”
When it comes to a
Mathematical dessert …
I prefer pi

Leanin’ ‘gainst streetlamps
watchin’ all the cars go by …
Got those sidewalk blues




Up against the wall
she’s haunted by images
tattered and tawdry

(Photo courtesy of me.  I took it in Oklahoma City in 1972.  Since then,the wall’s been torn down, the girl and I broke up, she got married, had 5 kids and is now a successful artist and  grandmother.   I left the camera in a NYC taxicab about 30 years ago.  Only memories, and this photo, remain to keep things as they were.)





Masochist? Moron?
What’s your excuse for voting
for Republicans?







The teacher threw a
book at the sleeping pupil.
Knowledge can hurt you.





Hush little baby.
Crying upsets those who’ve learned
to put up with shit.



We may never know
what winds blow thoughts through our minds,
that swirl up our past.






When you have a lot
that’s on your mind, let your day
begin quietly.






Tis no surprise that
loveliness knows loneliness;
looks intimidate.



Sunday ev’ning and
I dread the week to come; full
moon and rising tides.




Stubble on my chin
Clothes I’ve worn for two full days …
Still sick as a dog.




Fragrant aromas
awaken sweet thoughts of you
my long ago love.






More than what’s needed
is the downfall of all things,
( and why balloons burst.)






He’s close enough to
stare, and old enough to know
what’s worth staring at.







Thus each day must end,
to let each night begin so
we may build new dreams.






Standing on a rock,
and seeing her reflection …
Miss Egret regrets.


(Photo courtesy of Kristina Rebelo)


A glorious day
seeps through my window shades,and
all my fears wither.




Now is not the time?!
Now is ALWAYS the time!!  It’s
the tense we’re stuck in.




We seldom notice
the slow erosion of Life.
we prefer dreaming.





When you discover
you have reliable friends,
fruit falls from the trees.

















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