An Un-Salacious Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon



Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:



We’re royally screwed;
The Queen’s alive, Prince is dead …
Stephen King’s okay.




Whatever happens reminds
us of what we did.





He had shifty eyes
but a nifty pair of hands
( He’s still an ***-hole. )






It’s Gangsta Ho-Jo!
“The Host of the Highwaymen”
Can’t beat his fried clams



Private Eye-ku:


Sopping yolks with a
raft of rye, some lean pigs and
a mug of java.

Then, I eyeball a floozy
joyridin’ my jalopy.

I gulp the joe, toss
a sawbuck at the skirt, and
yell, “keep the change, doll!”



(to be continued)







On the TV show,
“Amish Survivor”, Ruth dreamt
of escalators.

(Photo courtesy of Kristina Rebelo)






When you syncopate
a fascinatin’ rhythm,
Do you strike a chord?




haiku quartet:


Whoever said that
suicide is painless was
a damned optimist.


suicide? painless?
dying hurts and that ain’t all;
it hurts our loved ones.


I suppose that sounds
trite.  It is.  It is also
true as true can be.

Sometimes Life is trite.
What’s wrong is trite. That ain’t right.
Trite and true.  Good night.



Drawn lines create space …
it’s how we define our world;
establish context.






Dogwoods bloom at last!
Spring’s celebration of joy
finds Riverside Park.









tanka haiku:

What do you say to
old friends that have, lovingly,
frozen you in time?

Be kind.  You were loved enough
to have been thought worth saving




Simplified tax form:
How much you make? Where is it?
Please send it to us.






Once, a Wall Street type
tried to make an honest buck …
Derivative schmuck.






Duchamp exhibit,
The guard admonishes me,
Not to spin the wheel.





Oleanders feign
int’rest in my dog-eared book

“flowery prose” con.



triple haiku:


Note in a bottle
floating on the ocean blue
o’er a hundred years.


Asks simple question:
How did I get here …? Offers
a shilling reward.


How often have I
asked the same thing about Life …
How did I get here?







Her elderly cat,
can no longer climb the stairs,
she must be carried





You are determined,
small yellow dandelions,
pushing through sidewalks.”




How oddly human;
hearing sounds and reading words
can change how we feel.





triple haiku:


I dream, I wish, I
want, hope and wait … then give up
and go back to sleep.


I dream, I wish, I
want, hope and wait … then give up
and go back to sleep.


I dream, I wish, I
want, hope and wait … then give up
and now I can’t sleep.







A tall vase full of
happy yellow daffodils
assuages anger.




double haiku:
Swimming with the tide
may take you into oceans
of profound regret.

Lying on the beach,
however, may burn your hide,
so ya takes your choice.







The theater went dark;
then flickering images,
danced upon the screen.







Without warning, two
Trucks collide near the corner,
Police cars converge.






’89er Day!
The Oklahoma land run …
Sooner beat Later.


(April 22, 1889 – Oklahoma Territory Land Run)




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