A Non-Dystopian Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon



Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:
Love may seem like a
fallowed field, but Love won’t yield
a random harvest.


Though living in the
best of all possible worlds
Candide still hatesTrump.

(Just-for-fun Bonus:  What is possibly the best overture for a Broadway musical … ever.)


As humidity
rises, timidity falls,
she wears less and less.

The sheer cotton dress
flutters around her body
with each gust of wind.



tanka haiku:

Two pretty girls
waiting for a crosstown bus
discuss politics.

One said, “Hillary’s for me!”
The other: “I hate her too!”

Trump has short fingers
but sharp elbows, which he needs
when combing his hair.

In the afterglow
either embrace or reject
changes the flames wrought.

kids discover joy …
the world comes to a stop … we’re
innocence junkies

Set wide the window
and let me drink in the day
for I’m feeling parched.

(from an Edith Wharton quote … more or less.)  


Sunshine and whiskey
are a lot like Love; too much
can make you go blind.

Thoughts run through my head,
in-congruent images
chasing after them.

Ev’ry Flea Market
has old maids who’ll wrestle you
for Fiesta-ware.

Plaid lumberjack shirt
o’er black tights and blue tattoos;
hot babe on 4th St.

I stand in a field,
listening to the night’s sounds …
strangely comforted.


A whisper, a glance …
her touch lasts but a moment,
yet his core’s shaken.




Memories still pop
into my addled brain, to
amuse my dull thoughts.

As some swallows swoop,
some roses dance in the breeze;
our world’s in motion.

Utagawa Hiroshige (Japanese, 1797–1858) |
Swallows and Kingfisher with Rose Mallows | ca. 1838

A cool Summer night;
he whistles a sad song as
he strolls down the street.

A box of choc’lates
sits on his office desk and
hopes to be opened.

double haiku:

It’s three fifteen, and
wakened from a sad dream, I
try to clear my head.

Thoughts of you linger
and entwine with my day’s chores.
You still haunt my heart.


On grey, rainy days,
she first sulked at the window,
then, wished for blue skies.

Do not be alarmed,
but those mental disorders
ARE all in your head.


double haiku:

Riding the porch swing,
we kiss while listening for
your father’s footsteps.

The moonlight creates
shadows which tease my desire
your allure is pure.

Fitful nights will pass.
Sleep will overtake sadness.
A new day will dawn.


A sliver of moon,
slicing through the clouds, restless
shadows roam the fields.




Why is a cat like
a burning monk? ‘Cuz neither’s
putting itself out.

Life’s overwhelming
Ev’rything I do, brings pain,
I’m feeling helpless …

haiku triplet:  
Another shooting.
Still more lives lost, more wounded.
Still too many guns.

Too many shooters
that should never own a gun,
can still get a gun.

Stop protecting the
guilty by hiding them ‘midst
all the innocent.


It is Summertime.
The livin’s easy and the
fishin’ is sublime.

(My mom in the mid-1930’s)

Sitting on her porch
on a Summer’s afternoon,
she feels a cool breeze.

(My maternal grandmother about 1917)

Beauty is fleeting,
like Cinderella rushing
back home at midnight.

Married for ten years
and never an argument …
just bitter feelings.


double haiku:

An Irish Setter,
gallops through Riverside Park,
greeting each toddler.

His owner just laughs,
reassuring scared nannys,
the dog is friendly.

At the Hootenanny,
he fell in love with Mary,
sans Peter and Paul.


tanka haiku:

Try to retain the
ability to express
spontaneous joy.

    Any moment, happiness
could spring from your consciousness.


When the universe
conspires to foil your plans,
don’t bitch, make new plans.

haiku quintet – written last year to celebrate Ramona’s 59th wedding anniversary:

Forced to make choices,
Ramona’s voices told her
t’was best to be wed.

Now, they fit snugly,
their bodies melt into one;
their love, just oozes.

There is a comfort
that blesses lovers after
nearly sixty years.

They’re like old shoes, whose
leather has grown supple ‘cuz
they’re worn ev’ry day.

Only Love will last
beyond the moon and stars … so
keep your hand in mine.

Update:  I’m delighted to be able to say, Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary, to my cyber-friend, Ramona and her husband Edward!!  Here’s to many more to come!  Check out Ramona’s own words on the subject.
Nineteen fifty-six
brought us Princess Grace Kelly
and Elvis Presley.

The King of Rock, now long gone
The Princess long gone too … But

You and Edward are
still here and from those of us
who’ve never been wed …

Thanks for passing your
genes along and keeping the
earth populated.

It takes a lot of pressure
Off of us … know what I mean?

Storming the Bastille;
not something that you want to
lose your head over.

(Happy Bastille Day – July 14th!)

On the road of Life,
focus on what drives your heart,
not the car you’re in.


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