A Ubiquitous Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon




Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:




In the morning light,
a sailboat on the Hudson,
moves as in a dream.






Fridays after work,
She’d really let her hair down,
And would dance till dawn.




I sometimes wonder,
is it still flying a kite,
if I let it go?



“Few half-way measures,
Get as much coverage as
A partial eclipse.”


And then, tempers flared!
punches thrown, faces bruised, then …
cooler heads prevailed.





Eating blackberries
on a Summer’s afternoon
makes me feel care-free.





Immortal souls that
live in mortal bodies … God
being ironic.










His heart was left in
San Francisco,  his wallet
was left in Madrid.

(Happy 90th birthday this week to Tony Bennett.)







A drizz’ly morning’s
walk through a nearby woods, cleared
my mind of its gloom.








Though she pined for him,
she could not find a way to
gracefully forgive.








As the dusk draws nigh
chickens roost and dogs bark at
approaching shadows.










Do you still explore?
Search for meaning in things? Solve
a jigsaw puzzle?







A moonlit whisper,
two lovers in silhouette,
embracing passion.








Hazarding a guess,
he offered an opinion,
which was met with snark.










Underdone egg with
no emotional center …
it’s simply, no yolk.







I once poached an egg
that should have been scrambled … But
now that egg is toast.








Silent flutterings,
and pirouettes in mid-air …
butterfly’s ballet.







Lonely Avenues
driving up Riverside, I
Feel those West End blues

(Happy-would-have-been 115th birthday this week to Louis Armstrong.)







I’d Venture to say,
at some point, all guitarists
try playing “Wipeout.”




I stood on the path
behind the Master’s house and
waited for the maid.

A shy young lass with
rosy cheeks will come my way
after serving tea.


(The House of Piette à Montfoucault by Camille Pissarro – 1874)





In Life, two choices;
remain bewildered, or seek




The dark before dawn;
lonely hearts beat quicker in





tanka haiku:
Where is that diner?
The one that serves those pancakes
with ice cream on top …

Near the junction of Route Three
and the cardiac bypass.





Sometimes the world so
overwhelms us with beauty,
our hearts nearly burst.









Grabbing his drumsticks,
he played a paradiddle
that would beat the band.






Live near a garden,
for spirits of the Earth are
flattered by flowers.









A warm Summer’s night;
he whistles as he strolls through
the woods near his home.









A careful dipping
of the brush, will ensure a
steady flow of ink.

Not ev’ry almond
will taste of perfection, but
all hold the promise.




It’s been said that in
the wasted pursuits of youth
live our old-age dreams.






Weary troubadour,
guitar slung across his back,
thumb out to hitch-hike.



Fear is a fabric
that folds under stress, and when
in hot water, shrinks …




Bonus poem:


Eggs over easy,
Time after time,
Water under bridges,
Pearls before swine,

Age before beauty,
in sickness and health
life is a blessing
without or with wealth






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