A Semi-Final Heat on a Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon




Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:




tanka haiku:

In Nineteen Eighteen,
World War One was still raging,
King Tut, still unknown,
Band-aids, Penicillin and
‘Radio’, all yet to come.

(Putting my mom’s birthday in perspective.  She would have been 98 on August 8th.)





Our own impact can’t
be known to us. For we’ve touched
lives and don’t know it.






Remember, when you’re
tall in the saddle, your feet
are not on the ground.







 I sometimes wonder,
is it still flying a kite,
if I let it go?




double haiku:


Two ballet dancers
arch their backs and reach their arms
up to the heavens.

A plea to God to
understand the suffering
in this mortal realm.




Infantilize you …?
Be my, be my baby now
Oh come on, grow up!




Orchid on her wrist,
She twirls in her flouncy skirt,
The belle of the ball.







Despite the road maps,
Cluttering up the front seat,
Where are we? Don’t know.





Shhh!  Look over there,
nibbling on the bramble,
a doe and her fawn.




He expects to learn,
through obtuse introspection …


 … it will take a while.









They scrawl on postcards,
“Miss you. I wish you were here!”
Tourists plagiarize.




tanka haiku:
Ah, Domestic bliss!
She relaxes while he cooks,
they discuss the news.

And later, after dessert …
they will sleep contentedly.







tanka haiku:


All the old worries
have been resurrected by
my return to earth.

while souls in heaven’s hammocks
enjoy eternal slumber.





Our ends should come as
a complete surprise … as if
an interruption.




No new gnat knows naught
Nifty Northern gnats gnaw nuts.
neither, numbs knightly gnus …



While the daylight shines,
many lives are not like me,
darkness unites us.








Baby genius drools
stupid parents wipe her mouth
Evolution! HA!








You can not tell Time.
Time is such a know-it-all …
Time and Space are jerks.







We will perservere.
We’ll wake again tomorrow
and tend our gardens.




Two old women walk
on a foggy esplanade …
head scarves and hand bags

disappear into the mist
and quite soon, they do as well.







While he was coping,
dealing with all of his pain
the world slipped by him.







A sheer cotton dress
flutters around her body
with each gust of wind.





As humidity
rises, timidity falls,
she wears less and less.








Mother’s charm bracelet,
clanged against the banister,
as she climbed the stairs.



Pancakes for dinner …
because I’m an adult and
I’ll do what I want.










Psychic helps chickens
to get to the other side;
Is that Poultry-geist?





Having conquered fear,
my soul is now free to seek
out better angels.









 tanka haiku:


We fight our whole lives
to thrive in the world of our
parents, only to

discover that we’re living
in the world of our children.




They were on a lark,
when they met an old school mate
living on the street.







The scent of jasmine
scatters as the door is slammed
and she rushes out.





Few shall ever know
private failures we endure …
unless we succeed.





Souls forge truth and hope,
while minds dream up fantasies
and hearts search for love.



A leaf-less tree frames
a lonely farm-house in the
middle of nowhere.





There is a structure
to all things, and a context
to fence it all in.




I feel so alone.
I watch the tide come in and
think of yesterday.







The deepening blue
gently quiets golden waves.
Nightfall approaches.






tanka haiku:

I do not care that
Snoopy is, in dog years, o’er
four hund’red years old.

He will always be the dog
that other dogs hope to be.

(Photo of a young MrSmith1 holding a Charlie Brown and Snoopy Action Figures … Not dolls, action figures!)




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