Autumn in Hiding on a Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon




Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:




A golden surfer
rides a quiet wave to shore
the world is at peace.

(Photo courtesy of Kristina Rebelo)





triple haiku:

A dark woods may rise
in the midst of your journey
do not be afraid.

We all must walk through
darkness at some point in life
hold on ’til the dawn.

For day will always
follow night, and the sun will
see you safely home.

 If the world’s a stage,
And people are all players,
who’s in charge of props?

My friend, D. Thompson:  Mother Nature’s boss,
And we are all just players,
Not nice to fool her.

My response: Poor Mother Nature,
like margarine or butter,
she’s spread way too thin.


Empty city streets,
faint sounds of music playing,
somewhere, a parade.



Three years ago, I came out of my building and noticed this tragic scene across the street.

It inspired this haiku:

A suicidal
watermelon’s a sure sign
that Summer’s over.



The last fifty years
will be known as the time when,
up was sold as down.




Without a kigo
is the fallen maple leaf
any less poignant?

(A kigo is a word or phrase used in traditional forms of haiku, to indicate the season referred to in the stanza.)

Belated Happy Labor Day!

haiku: Child Labor laws, and
Forty hour work weeks. Like ’em?
Thank the union folks.



Saturday morning,
biking to the bakery,
The smell of fresh bread.




Cool September night
A golden moon is shining o’er
the harvested fields

(Photo courtesy of Kristina Rebelo)




As day turns to dusk,
neatly anchored sloops slowly
bob in the harbor.

(Photo courtesy of Kristina Rebelo)




Red-headed co-eds …
Ragtime on the radio …
Remnants of past lives.

Sticks of patchouli,
smoldered in his messy room,
his mom was incensed.



 tanka TV-ku:

Horizontal lines,
adjust the Vertical Hold,
play with Rabbit Ears.

TVs were simple once. Now,
you need to call Tech Support.

Words had no effect,
so, reluctantly, he tried
throwing sticks and stones.


Autumn at the beach;
looks like a picture postcard.
Vibrant hues, cool temps.


Autumn arrives with
colorful foliage and
orchards to harvest.






Shimmering water,
Quietly fishing at dusk,
More solace than fish 





Back in my hometown,
I know what’s around the bend,
(Grins with affection)



Near the gazebo,
amidst the shrubs and bushes,
gladiolas bloom.




Frost on the pumpkin?
Another old saying killed,
By global warming.






My mom always had,
gum hidden in her purse, to
shut me up in church.



If you think “Life Stinks”,
You’re wrong. Life is fine. It is
Consciousness that stinks.

We started even,
but we can’t say who won; we
had diff’rent goal-lines.


A stone partition
does not stop my neighbor’s dog
from barking at me.”


In a garden lost,
overgrown with grass and weeds,
peonies still bloom.



His steps are cautious,
He’s nervous and unsteady,
First day back to work.


tanka haiku:


As we approach Fall,
We anticipate Winter,
And the Spring to come.

Our lives are like the seasons,
And what matters? How we turn.


When the couch was moved,
some keepsakes from long ago
were re-discovered.


Lost in thought today,
trying to assess my life.
No easy fixes.”




You can spend your time,
Avoiding calamities,
But what fun is that?





Azure blue larkspur,
Delicate and beautiful,
Whispers to the soul.


Garnish your burger;
cheese, lettuce and onions. Feel
Fickle? Add pickle.”


The years went by and
his hold on her grew smaller
as he rode away.

(Photo courtesy of Kristina Rebelo)




Old photos beguile
Was I ever that happy?
Years have weighed heavy.

An old friend whom I haven’t seen in many years, emailed me these photos yesterday.  He took them around 1976 or so.  I had forgotten leisure suits … and don’t recall ever smiling that happily …not while having my picture taken anyway.  )





He said to her, “I’ve
got love for you, can’t you see?”
Sadly, she couldn’t.






Open up your heart,
To ev’rything you witness,
The Show is for you.






This, I believe’s a
sign of the Apocalypse;
Earl Grey in a can.

Old telephone prank updated:  “Hello. Do you have Earl Grey in a can? You do? Well let the poor b*st*rd out, he must be suffocating!!” (hang up.)




Boldly going where
No one had gone before;
The final frontier.

Sept. 8, 1966, the world changed forever with the first airing of Star Trek. Happy 50th Birthday, Star Trek!! Live long and prosper!





And finally, a belated happy would-have-been 80th birthday to Rock n’ Roller, Buddy Holly.

When credit’s given
where credit’s due, well, Buddy …
that’ll be the day.






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