An Autumnal Frost on a Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon




Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:






An Autumnal frost,
withered pumpkins on the vine,
squirrels breathing steam.




(I really like this one, so I re-worked it a bit and decided to post it again.)


double haiku:


A wooden dock on
the edge of a shallow lake
waiting for its boat.

low clouds fill the sky,
all journeys begin with hope
wood wharf seeks closure.


(Photo courtesy of Ramona Grigg.)





Global warming proof?
Using air conditioner
on Halloween night.





All fields have a fence.
All lives have a purpose; You
need to build a fence.





There is a structure
to ev’rything, and context
to fence it all in.





Autumn’s subtle breeze,
Whispers past you as you wait,
For the crosstown bus.







Maples, elms and oaks
burst with yellow, red and orange;
the forest ablaze!


(Photo courtesy of Kristina Rebelo)






As the earth prepares
to take its winter snooze, the
foliage blushes.


(Photo courtesy of Kristina Rebelo)







Be gentle, be kind,
be as the marsh grass; merely
seek to know the sky.


(Photo courtesy of Kristina Rebelo)






Slicing ‘cross the beach,
Snow fences anticipate
Winter’s invasion.


(Photo courtesy Kristina Rebelo)








Quietly, the dusk
soothes the ocean waters and
calms each day for night.


(Photo courtesy Kristina Rebelo)





haiku quartet:
Tennessee Whiskey
smoothly trickles down my throat,
savor the swallow.

Backwoods honky-tonk,
Woman in a short blue dress,
watches me get drunk.

I get up to leave
she gets up to see me go
in that short blue dress.

Sittin’ in my armchair
thinkin’ ’bout that short blue dress …
I go back for more.






Overheard at a
sidewalk cafe; “I hate her,
she’s so full of snot.”


(Actual verbatim dialog heard by me.)





In the pouring rain,
her friend gave her some plastic,
“Wear it like a hat …”





Rain-splattered windshield.
mono-chromatic Seurat;
dappled drops on glass.








Down a country road,
he let his horse lead him home
while his mind wandered.



The limits of our
tolerance are the true strengths
of any friendship.





An old weathered rope,
hangs ’round a lonely fence-post.
Purpose forgotten.







New York’s confusing,
Order regular coffee,
And milk’s put in it.








On some distant shore,
A time long ago, we were,
Our ancestor’s dream.





Sitting in my yard,
watching the moon peeking out,
from behind storm clouds.








Politicians don’t
always tell the truth, but they’ll
always lie like rugs.







As I get older
though I see nothing’s changed, I’d
do it all again.






Running for Office
may force me to admit that
I believe in things.



( “I Believe” from the musical, The Book of Mormon.)




Walking down the street
I’m inspired by reflections
of America.



( Photo taken with my cell phone the other day on West 107th St. in NYC.  )


haiku trio:


tabula rasa;
hard times and great adventures
fill Life’s lesson plans.

hitting reset may
wipe the slate completely clean,
but it’s still a slate.

What we come to know …
All are created equal
then, we choose to learn.



Societal ills;
Do you blame those above or
those that are below?







If you pose questions
but don’t really want answers …
your goal’s not knowledge.







The look in her eyes
was enough to melt his heart …
and his tupperware.









An island sunset,
A sky aglow with passion,
Why aren’t you with me?





Up against the wall
she’s haunted by images
tattered and tawdry


(Photo courtesy of me.  I took it in Oklahoma City in 1972.  Since then,the wall’s been torn down, the girl and I broke up, she got married, had 5 kids and is now a successful artist and  grandmother.   I left the camera in a NYC taxicab about 30 years ago.  Only memories, and this photo, remain to keep things as they were.)




Where depressed gourmands,
can go to end it all; The
Terminal Diner.

Dreary afternoons,
cooped up in her office … she
dreams of escaping.

The stack of papers,
suddenly flew ’round the room!
Please close the window!

Carefully stepping,
over gaping potholes is,
adventurous living.


Docile delinquents,
doing downers daily, don’t
despair dumb details.

He nervously waits,
as doctors study his chart,
Get well soon? Yeah, right.

A keyboard left on,
a cat that loves to jump up,
Youtube fame awaits.


When daffodils bloom,
near the edge of your garden,
passers-by may pluck.


The problem, it seems
is my old mirror. It needs
younger reflections.



And finally,



Rock n’ roll would not
be worth a sniff, without old
Chuck B.’s guitar riffs.

(Happy 90th birthday this week to rock n’ roll pioneer, Chuck Berry!)


Also:  Happy 91st birthday this week to actress Angela Lansbury.

My Angela Lansbury anecdote: … The first Christmas I lived here in NYC was 1974 and Angela Lansbury was appearing on Broadway in a revival of Gypsy. I got a Christmas job selling glassware at Bloomingdales. One day, Angela Lansbury walked by my station and went to the gift wrap counter. A few moments later, she quickly walked past me again. I looked at one of the girls working at the gift wrap counter and she could barely contain herself. I asked her what happened, and she said that Angela Lansbury went up to the counter to get her gift wrapped and the old woman at the counter looked at her, gasped and shouted, “Oh my God, it’s Elsa Lanchester!!” The girl said Angela Lansbury appeared to be a bit startled at first, but then started laughing so much and trying to hold it in so as not to embarrass the old woman, that she had to turn and walk quickly to another gift wrap counter on the other side of the floor.




P.S.  Seen recently in the comments section of a political website: “Hillary is not liked or popular like Obama was and neither did he have a criminal record. You might as well face it, Hillary is destined to lose big time by a wide margarine.”   

Butter get used to it.  😉





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