Another Thankful Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon



Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:




Through an iron fence,
I watch autumn leaves fall on
empty park benches.



Softly, the wind blows,
Swirling leaves circle my feet,
Autumn in my thoughts.








Viral video,
The worst moment of your life …
Our laugh of the day.







When do hab a code
dere isn’t much do tan do
‘cept sniffle and sneeze.








A half a’ sandwich
in a plain brown paper bag
can give a child hope.



Kind of a slow day,
a day to eat heartily,
it’s too slow to fast.






Baby, it’s too cold
to go out without a coat …
better bundle up




As I drove away,
to start my life anew, I
still thought about you.







a haiku septet:


Whenever I think
of my friend, Dick and his ducks,
my mind imagines,

a small pond, a bench,
and a quiet afternoon
framed by Autumn leaves.

Dick tosses bread crumbs,
happy ducks quack their thanks and
offer sage advice.

Dick listens, and nods
and whispers some further thoughts
on combing feathers.

The breeze picks up and
Dick soon runs out of bread crumbs,
the old ducks linger

The younger wander
in search of new adventures
the old know their friend,

and like spending time,
together, simply being …
Dick and ducks … divine.

(Thanks for all your support over the years, DD!)





The day must leave us …
we must rest to prepare for
the struggles to come.

(Photograph courtesy of Kristina Rebelo)







And so, we gather
to rejoice and to give thanks
for we are so blessed.


Let each turkey slice
and wedge of mom’s pumpkin pie,
demonstrate our thanks.

Mash the potatoes,
baste the turkey, eat some pie,
then take a long nap.







 tanka haiku:



Yes, you know my heart,
For we are kindred spirits,
Walking the same path.

  But stay wary, my friend, for
Paths, like lover’s hearts, may turn.





When you look at Life
from diff’rent angles, points of
view turn upside down.


(Photograph courtesy of Kristina Rebelo)







A tiny sparrow
is chased by a feisty pup
pulling a young girl.





tanka haiku:


My tenth great grand-dad
was at that first thanksgiving …
I imagine him

saying the turkey was fowl
and the yams needed more salt.






Maples, elms and oaks
burst with yellow, red and orange;
the forest ablaze!









Footprints on the beach …
When I could not go on, God
drove me in his jeep.



(Photograph courtesy of Kristina Rebelo)










There are mysteries
which will never be solved; their
answers lost in time.



(Found in a box of family photos, this ancestor of mine may remain forever unknown, as all the people who might have been able to identify him have passed away.)








Dispositions change.
mindsets frequently evolve.
never burn a bridge.






Atop her dresser,
a spray of dried hydrangeas,
elegant decay.








A huge tree limb falls,
In the middle of my yard …
I see, then I saw.

As a precaution,
he wrapped his arms around her,
then shared the sad news.








Lunch with an old friend;
laughter at shared history,
tears for tomorrow.






He once walked three miles
through the wind and pouring rain
just to see her smile.







Vows freely given
re-affirm a world of hope
with promises kept.







Dogs that climb fences,
often discover too late,
they’ve nowhere to go.





A yellow post-it
pasted on the scaffolding …
“Soft heads need hard hats.”





Most mental issues
are of our own making. We’re
lost in our own maze.








Hey! Stop nudging me!
I’ll get up in a minute …
Hit the snooze alarm.










When I’m all alone,
in my mind and in my heart,
you reverberate.











A November frost,
withered pumpkins on the vine,
squirrels exhaling steam.







In the pouring rain,
you give me some plastic which
I wore like a hat.






Drinking a beer and
playin’ the five string banjo
or, at least, trying


(For my friend and fellow Spondy, Sean Ryder, a scientist, a teacher and a musician.  Sean lives in Worcester, MA and is part of the folk music scene there.  He has a beautiful wife and two great kids.  P.S. Don’t tell him, but he is one of my heroes.  Here’s an example of his music … P.P.S.  As far as I know, his musical partner and I are unrelated.   )


Nowhere you can hide
no one that doesn’t know, you’re
living small town blue.







Don’t ever despair,
when things aren’t going your way,
Morning will arrive.




I am taking next week off, so a Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends!! 

See you in two weeks!!


















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